June 7, 2010

Inspriation Monday: Summer Sporting Events

This weekend my boyfriend, our friends, and I went to a MLS game. It was my first professional soccer game I have ever been to. It was a lot more fun then I had expected to be. I use to play soccer but never could get into watching it on TV but like most sporting events it is much different being there in person then watching it on TV.

Besides the beach here's another reason why I love summer: outdoor sport events (in which you don't need to be bundled up for). I love going to baseball games whether it's professional or minor league. Sitting outside, eating massive amounts of hot dogs, and watching good looking men run around what can get better then that?

This weekend had me thinking about dressing for sporting events. It's easy when you know what team you root for when you're going to a game. Easy for me for the Yankee games I just throw on my Yankee jersey. No matter what team you root for you should never feel ashamed about throwing on your favorite team shirt.


Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore
Outfit from left to right: 1. Nike My Team (MLB Yankees) Women's T-Shirt: $26 - nike.com; Forever21 Shorts: $23 - forever21.com; Keds Champion Original Lace Up Shoes; $28 - asos.com; 2. NY Yankees: $25 - alloy.com; Forever21 Shorts: $26 - nike.com; Laceless Not Too Shabby Sneakers: $50 - tobi.com; New York Yankees #2 White Baseball Jersey Tote Bag: $4.99 - footballfanatics.com

Do make sure to pair your jersey up with some shorts and simple sneakers. I don't think any girl who goes to a sporting event needs to get dolled but some basic simple make-up will also do. Do remember to put some sun screen on if you will be sitting outside in direct sun light.

What about if you're not into sports and your guy is taking you to a game? Or what about if your going to a sporting a event that you wouldn't really go to but are with some friends? I think sticking to the basics is a good idea. Stripe basic shirts, basic plain shirts, or just basic tank tops.
basicsFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore
Outfits from left to right starting at the top left: 1. cotton and linen T-shirt: $80 - net-a-porter.com; Forever21 Shorts: $12 - forever21.com; Vans Authentic Shoes: $42 - swell.com; 2. Stripe Crop Silk Shirt: $58 - oasis-stores.com; Metropark / Fashion / Women / Bottoms / Denim: $189 - metroparkusa.com; Vans 'Classic' Sneaker (Women): $42 - nordstrom.com; 3. Speckled Stripe Knit Top: $13 - forever21.com; Product: Organic Canvas Authentic Gender Selector: $52 - vans.com; 4. Basic V-Neck Tee: $8.80 - forever21.com; High Waisted Hotpants:$55 - topshop.com; Kimchi Blue Suede Buckle Sandal: $28 - urbanoutfitters.com; 5. Basic Slub Tee: $9.80 - forever21.com; High Waisted Cutoff Hotpants: $55 - topshop.com; Frances- studded Sandals:$70 - topshop.com; 6. Extended Basic Tank: $6.80 - forever21.com; Faded Floral Hotpants: $50 - topshop.com; Forever21 Sandals: $15 - forever21.com; 7. Open Ceremony Tank Top: $155 - jades24.com; Stripe Gold Button Shorts: $55 - topshop.com; Larissa suede gladiator sandals: $250 - net-a-porter.com
Bags on the right from Top to Bottom: 1. Forever21: $30 - forever21.com; 2. Quilted Leather Chain Trimmed Bag: $345 - net-a-porter.com; 3. ASOS Quilted Double Chain Lock Shoulder Bag: $14 - asos.com; 4. Warehouse Chunky Chain Across-Body Bag: $47 - asos.com

Try pairing these basic tops with some high waisted shorts or printed shorts. You can wear basic sneakers like the Van sneakers or gladiator sandals. Thinking comfortable. Less accessories is better. You'll probably end up sweating so you don't want to errirated or sweat even more then you have to. Keep your bag simple. Chain bags are good because they are easy to manage. You don't want to carry around a bag that's to big. You want to just be able to carry the essentials: cell phone, wallet, and lip gloss. Plus, chain bags are easier to wear when sitting in small stadium seats. You don't need to worry about putting it anywhere since they are small and can sit on your lap or can be placed right between you and your arm rest.

If your boyfriend is taking you to a game and you don't care about the game or the teams ask him if he has an extra shirt you can wear. If he is bigger then you see if you can try belting the t-shirt. It's super cute plus guys like seeing their girls in their clothes. Or maybe ask if you can keep the shirt and try cutting it up like cut the sleeves off or the neck of the t-shirt off and belt it. These are just easier fixes.

Enjoy where ever you are. Have fun at the games and eat as many hot dogs and soft pretzels as you can!

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