June 17, 2010

La Vintage

I have been on La Vintage pretty much all afternoon flipping through their stuff. I came across this bag called: Around the World Box Purse. It reminds me of the bag that Mischa Barton had on in the picture in my last post. Except this purse is better becuase it's vintaged and on sale.

$34.85 (orginally $41) 15% off

If you haven't been on La Vintage's website you should def check out their stuff. They have really great things and their sale section is just awesome. Don't be surprised to see somethings that are WAY expensive but they have a lot of stuff that is really affordable. Also, it looks like a lot of their clothings are in good condition. I like that on the info page about the product they tell you what condition it is in like for this bag it's just missing the top detail piece. To be honest it's really hard to resist buying anything off this website.

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