June 15, 2010

Maxi Dresses

I saw this girl on the train this morning with the cutest Maxi dress on. I thought maxi dresses always made me look smaller but this girl was about my height and looked amazing in it. It was a flowy floral print maxi dress and long sleeves. I always loved the idea of maxi dresses. They are very goddess like and I always wish I could pull them off. After seeing this girl this morning it made me rethink my whole attitude that you have to be tall to wear maxi dresses. I spent most of my morning flipping through websites and Polyvore looking at maxi dresses. I found some really great dresses for some really great prices:I Heart Ronson Tiered Maxi Dress: $39.99

Forever 21 Tie Die Maxi Dress $29.80

Rampage Dress Embroidered Coin Maxi Dress: $39.99 (MACY'S)

Topshop Jersey Floral Maxi Dress by Rare (45.00 Euros) $52

What do you guys think of a Maxi dresses? Do you think you need to be a certain height to wear them?

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