June 13, 2010

Outfit Post

Shirt: Strawberry's
Shorts: Tagret
Belt and sunglasses: American Eagle

Yesterday I got my haircut! I'm in love with it. It feels so much better. I love having short hair less to take care of and so easy. Plus, its better to have during the summer. After I got my haircut yesterday my boyfriend and I went to the BBQ Festival down at Madison Park. Omg all the food smelt so good. To bad the lines were crazy long everywhere. We ended up eating at Big Bob Gibsons from Decatur, AL. They had pull pork sandwich and coleslaw. I don't really like coleslaw but theirs was AMAZING! So was the sandwich! Just thinking about it makes my mouth water. I was jealous of the people with the fast passes. They got to skip the lines and they got a $100 voucher for food, drinks, or merch for someone with the pass and a guest. Even though you have to pay $125 for the pass. I mean the food there was only $8 a plate and non-alcoholic drinks were $2. Heartland Brewery even had a little Beer Garden by the stage which was awesome. Maybe next year my boyfriend and I will go 50-50 on a pass.

YUM! Pull Pork sandwich and coleslaw from Big Bob Gibsons.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!

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