July 5, 2011

IFB Homework: Independent Woman

All the women who independent
Throw your hands up at me

For some reason the IFB Homework question this week, do you have an item you purchased that made you feel independent, made me think of the Destiny's Child song Independent Women Part 1. Maybe it's the fact that Beyonce is on my TV as I write this post or the word independent now has a link to Destiny's Child in my head....whatever the reason its amazing how my two favorite lipsticks, Chanel #19 Gabrielle and YSL #13 Le Orange, make me feel independent and liberated.

Chanel #19 Gabrielle and YSL #13 Le Orange

These two are my favorite colors and are always in my lipstick rotation. They make me feel fierce and ready to take on the world, especially my Chanel red lipstick. There is something that red lipstick does to a girl. It makes me feel grown up, which I think it has a lot to do with when I was a teenager because I wasn't allowed to wear red lipstick since my mom said it made me look to grown up. Maybe it's the fact that now I can since I have no one tell me other wise and also that my mom is the one that bought me this Chanel lipstick. It was sort of like allowing me to be my own woman. The YSL Le Orange is just one of those bold stand out colors that makes me feel like a stand out girl. I feel set apart when wearing this lipstick and def. spices up any outfit. I can not get enough of either one of these.

Do you guys have anything that makes you feel liberated or independent?

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  1. oh i love this song,'all the women independent' hehe..these lipstick have wonderful colours :)

  2. i would have to say that make up makes me feel independent especially a great shade of lipstick!


  3. i love wearing my red lips with my black eyeliner. it makes me feel hoTT! lol. makes me feel independent. i was writing a similar post actually! lol then i erased it because i rambled too much!

    the style projects

  4. Chanel Gabrielle is also my favorite lipstick! the PERFECT shade of red!

    And I'm dying to get le orange by YSL too :D

  5. That's a great item for feeling independent. I feel very powerful with my bright color lipsticks also
    Live Life in Style

  6. Great post, I'm glad you submitted it to IFB!


  7. Hey, lady! Found your blog through the week's IFB "homework."

    I love what you did with this project - and I have that Chanel lipstick, so I can totally relate!

    -Hallie :)


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