July 12, 2011

IFB Homework: Past and Present

My very first New Years Eve out was to ring in 2008. I went out with my best friend from school to this dive-ish bar called Bar None, but we had a fantastic time. We spent $75 on an 5 hour open bar and boy did we get our fill. That night was filled with lots of drinks, laughs, and dancing. I'll never forget that right after we went to this place that we dubbed our diner since we went there after ever concert. The one thing that stands out from that night was that when we were walking from Bar None to the diner for some reason I kicked my leg in the air and my flat went flying. Don't remember why I remember this but I just do. Anyway the dress I wore was grey ballerina like dress from H&M which then I paired up with glitter leggings from Urban Outfitters and ballet flats from Claire's that had silver stars on them. Of course it was NYE so my bought me festive things like a crown that said Happy New Year and a necklace whistle.

For the longest time I couldn't fit back into this dress, damn you college! But I held on to it because I thought it was to pretty to get rid of. Which ended up being a great idea. Last summer my cousin got married up in New Haven, CT and I didn't want to buy another dress since I had so many. I tried this dress on and to my surprise it fit me, even better then when I had originally wore it. Being more grown up and going to a more sophisticated event I dressed the dress up with a more vintage feel. Lots of vintage looking rings and a vintage looking necklace which I bought from Claire's and strappy sandals from Payless.

I would totally wear this dress again....anytime of the year. I just need more events to wear it too.

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  1. I've got the dress to and I love it! I've not worn it for almost two years and think it's time to dig it out again!

    You've paired it with some beautiful things! Your shoes look lovely & your necklace is perfect! x

  2. amazing <3 :D i really love the two extreme coordinates and you look beautiful when you smile :)

  3. I love the way you dressed it up into a completely different outfit the second time around. It looked cute the first time round but looks totally different and so much more grown-up the second time around. I had a dress for my end of uni ball and can't fit into it now but hold onto it - just in case!!! And cos it's so cute :)

    Great post, xx


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