July 19, 2011

IFB Homework: Walk Around the Neighborohood

This week's assignment is to take you guys around our neighborhood. Unfortunately I wasn't around this weekend to walk around and take shots of my hood for you, but I did however take some photos of the things that I love that I pass everyday to and from the train station.

So a little background for you all. I live in Brooklyn, NY with my boyfriend in a little family oriented neighborhood called Carroll Gardens. Our hood is full of families, restaurants, bars, Italian bakeries,  boutiques (most importantly LF Store) and meat markets. We live on a tree lined block along side of brown stone buildings. I love coming home each day to my neighborhood and block. It's almost been a year since we moved and I couldn't be happier with our choice.
 My tree lined block

 One of the many bakeries in the neighborhood

 Our favorite brick oven pizza places!

 The neighborhood park.

Another one of my favorite places is this dessert place called Brooklyn Farmacy. They make the most delicious ice cream desserts!!!

Not only does our neighborhood have great food places and bars, but the hood lends a hand to my outfit photos. Most if not all my outfit photos are taken around my block. A few of my favorite spots are outside the brownstones down the block from out apt building or across the street in front of a brownstone that is covered in flowers. (I dream of owning and living in a brownstone). Our block has great sunlight in the morning and early evening which makes for perfect photos.

It's funny that this post would come about since we are just getting ready to re-sign the lease for another year (or two!). Some of the added bonuses like living 30 mins away from my job and a 20 to 30 minute walk from the Brooklyn Bridge Park make paying rent worth it. I can see us living here for a long time (maybe not this apartment since when we are really ready to settle down-- we will need a bigger place for that) .

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  1. these are really pretty pictures! and 30 min from your job is good- later you have to get up in the morning haha

  2. Nice look and delicious post !

  3. that waffle ice cream looks fantastic!!! Your photos are all great - thanks for sharing!

  4. I lived in NYC for awhile but was never able to visit Caroll Gardens. The photos are lovely, this looks like a great 'hood! 30 minutes from your office? I live in Chicago and it takes me 45 - lucky girl!

    Looking forward to getting to know you/your blog, lady. Found you through the IFB Project series. :)


  5. Love the products sold at your local Farmacy. I'm stressed out. I need some medicine. Oh, I think I'll have Ice-cream. :). Great neighbourhood!
    Lovely outfit photos, by the way.
    Joy xx

  6. Very nice, looks like there are great things in your general area :-)

    Shasie of Live Life in Style


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