February 13, 2014

NYFW Fall 2014: Skingraft's Jonny Cota Shows that He's Alpha Designer of Fall Wear

After being blown away by Jonny Cota's spring debut at New York Fashion Week in September, I could not wait to see what he had up his sleeve for Skingraft's Fall 2014 show. Let me tell you, it was a show not be missed. I've waited all season to be totally blown away by a collection and he did it. Cota's inspiration this collection was "the idea of drastic climate change and an inevitable return to a dystopian survivalist future." He looked to Siberian, Mongolian, and arctic tribal cultures who have adapted and created a community in harsh climates for centuries for centuries.

Woman's Wear:

 photo skingraftaw-3_zps8a09924c.png  photo skingraftaw-2_zps603163fd.png  photo skingraftaw-6_zps234313f4.png  photo SkingraftAW_zps6239f6a8.png  photo skingraftaw-4_zps21acb749.png  photo skingraftaw-5_zpsf41e0296.png

I want everything. I mean honestly this line had me falling out of my seat. The knit wear, his leather working, EVERYTHING. I can not say enough about his leather working and attention to details. I love that he's inhibited and isn't afraid to try new fabrications which included hand-quilted leather and mohair, shaved ponyhair. ribbed nylon-fused fleece and metal detail work. I'm completely and utterly obsessed with this collection. I'm going to need Skingraft to have a sample sale so that I can actually get my hands on these pieces. I mean come on!

Men's Wear:
 photo skingraftaw-7_zps723964a0.png  photo skingraftaw-8_zps42ff6173.png  photo skingraftaw-10_zpsfcd4ef0d.png  photo skingraftaw-9_zps7572f048.png

 all photos taken by me. see more here.

If you have read my write-ups on menswear I typically love the more traditional classic menswear pieces. With that being said, when rocker wear done right I'm all over it. I love that Cota has a little bit of something for everyone. Not a man that can pull of a kilt then how about a quilted style leather jacket. I even want the cargo knit sweatpants. Which I find hilarious, since I always make fun of my guy friends for wearing cargo pants. I guess you can put cargo pockets on anything!

To say the least Cota was made for fall. This is seriously his season. Leather, layers, and just ultimate badass feel. O and yes all shoes and accessories are from the Skingraft line!

What do you think of Skingraft's Fall 2014 collection?

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  1. Great photos and fantastic video:)) x

  2. I was totally blown away by this collection too, I think he just gets better & better each season! Had to come & comment after I saw your comment about it! I literally don't even have words for how perfect this was, I just need everything - especially that gold jacket & the draped leather coat! *swoon* <3


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