August 23, 2010

Inspiration Monday: Apartment decorating

Oh man oh man. I feel like I haven't posted an entry in awhile! Sorry about that to my followers and anyone who is a lurker (I can only hope I have lurkers). I have been completely to busy. Even my body is telling me to slow down since now I am sick. Anyway, yesterday my boyfriend and I moved to our new apartment in Carroll Gardens. Couldn't be more happier and sore and tired ....and stressed. There are about a billion boxes to open and TONS of clothes to hang. I only got through one suit case full of clothes. While unpacking the second suit case I totally just stressed myself out. Now all I want to do organize and style my new apartment. Does anyone else like to decorate? Because I do! Really that's all I can think about now is decorating this apartment. I can not wait to make a trip to Ikea and to the Container Store! There are defiantly some things that we need to get like storage stuff (like a over the door shoe bag and closet organization racks) and at some point a sofa. Some other things we would like to think about getting are a bookcase to section off the living room and maybe some new dishware.

I'm really loving the Container store. They have such great storage tools. My favorites are:

3-Section Modular Accessory Organizer $14.99

Clear Shirt & Accessory Drawer $17.99

Clear Sweater Drawer $21.99

Thanks to my new apartment it has inspired me to put together a little collection of apartment decorations that I like:

From left to right: 1. KIVK Couch: $698 -; 2. EXPEDIT Bookcase: $129 -; 3. 24-Pocket Over the Door Shoe Bag: $20 -; 4. Ikea Plate: $2.99 -; 5. Well Stack Plates:$6 -; 6. TAJMA Wall Clock: $9.99 -; 7. Duktig Dish Set: $9.99 -; 8. DUDERO Floor Lamp: $15 -; 9. CHRYSALIDOCARPUS LUTESCENS Flowers: $15 -; 10. HEMNES Storage: $199 -; 11. PHALAENOPSIS Flowers: $20 -; 12. VRETA couch: $1,749 -; 13. CHRYSALIDOCARPUS LUTESCENS Plant: $15 -; 14. Leksvik Childrens Stool: $13 -; 15. Davenport sofa: $899 -

My taste in design is definitely more modern and sleek but with a touch of traditional style. I like wooden pieces and pieces that are meant for one thing but can be used as something else. Like the children's stool- I would want to use that as end table in the bedroom since our bedroom is small and usually end tables are to wide which would be the case for this space. A children's stool is usual low in high and small in width since they are small in stature and have little butts. I am totally lucky that my boyfriend's sister's boyfriend has built us a storage units and a TV entrainment center. Nothing beats custom built furniture PLUS it even looks like it came from Ikea! How awesome is that?!?!

I can not wait to go home and start unpacking boxes and putting stuff in their place!!!

Does anyone have any good closet storage idea? What is your design taste?

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  1. I'm definitely with you on the decorating. The only thing better is reoganizing. It's SO SO SO frustrating but is so relieving in the end. I was at my wits end not too long ago with my clothes especially (we don't have a dresser) and we got two of these: They're great for tees and pants and panties and undies and so much more.

  2. I hung 3 of those plastic shoe organizers (that go on the back of doors) along the back of my closet. I stick my sandals, shoes, wallets, and belts in them.

    Thanks for the comment on my blog. xoxo

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by, love all these storage ideas!


  4. Love it!

    also stop by...

  5. I love decorating! My room is so tiny right now so I can't wait until I get my own apartment to do whatever I like with it. My decorating taste is probably French boudouir/Marie Antoinette style. I like classic, sweet and feminine with a modern touch wherever I can fit it. I love your blog by the way, consider me a follower.

    Sincerely, Sarah Margeurite

  6. have fun decorating! thanks for commenting on my blog btw, I'm following you now xx

  7. i really wanna rearrange my closet now!

  8. congrats on the new move :) i need to check out that store it seems very useful :) i need a way to store my purses in a small space.


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