August 16, 2010

Inspirational Monday: Feathers + Tribal Print

Happy Monday everyone! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend. My cousin got married this past weekend in New Haven, CT. The reception was beautiful. It was out on Lighthouse Point in a carousal house. Yes, a carousal house. And YES we did get to ride on the carousel. Just imagine a bunch of people well dressed riding on a carousel how beautiful is that!! I'm waiting for my cousin to post pictures from the photographer because I'm sure they have amazing shots. Also, this one photographer kept taking pictures of me and my cousin. So I'm at least bound to be in a couple of them. I had such a great time with my family. As much as they drive me crazy I still wouldn't replace them. Lots of love to my cousin and his wife!

Anyway......onto the post.

A lot of people have been posting pictures on their blogs of feather accessories and tribal prints and colors. I love feather accessories, like feather earrings. Always reminds me of Native Americans. As a kid I always wanted to be a Native American, I think I got that from my father who also always wanetd to be a Native American and him always watching Dancing with the Wolves. I love feathers, dream catchers, and beautiful colorful tribal prints. Fashion Hedonism posted this picture on her lastest blog entry: How beautiful is that necklace!? Even Rumi of in her post from 8/13 is shown rocking a beautiful feather necklace.
Thank you to all the bloggers that have inspired me to put together of collections of feather accessories together that I love.


From left to right: 1. Feather on a Chain Drop Earrings: $16 -; 2. Green Feather Drop Earrings: $16 -; 3. Topshop feather Bracelet: $23 -; 4. ASOS Nude Feather Clutch: $42 -; 5. Betsey Johnson - Jungle Fever Feather Hoop Earrings (Blue/Green): $56 -; 6. Gold Tone Boho Chic Feather Long Earrings (Blue&Brown): $15 -; 7. Feathered Bib Necklace: $16 -; 8. Feather Print Dress: $350 -; 9. Miso Feather and Bow Earrings: $7.78 -; 10. You've Really Got a Hold On Me Collar Necklace: $395 -; 11. Grey Feather Drop Earrings: $14 -; 15. Disc and Bead Feather Drop Earrings: $35 -; 16. francesca feather skirt: $330 -; 17. Quogue Feather Sandal: $70 -; 18. Betsey Johnson - Jungle Fever Parrot Feather Earrings (Blue): $56 -; 19. Jewled feather earrings: $20 -; 20. Koolaburra Kythira Feather Sandal in Chestnut: $198 -; 21. Zigi Feather And Bead Flat Sandal: $109 -

I'm obessed with the Topshop Disc and Feather Earrings ($35 US Dollars). I'm also loving the Koolaburra Kythira feather sandals ($198) and the Zigi Feather and Bead Flat Sandal ($109).

What do you guys think of feather accessories?

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  1. feather accessories are awesome, they're a bit hard to handle (ie store so the feathers don't look messed up) but I love wearing them! great post

  2. I lufff featherz. They just dont fit into my style. I think

  3. i LOVE Rumi Neely! && btw, feathers are great. I did an interview on my blog with a designer who does headresses && they are really well liked!

  4. I am loving all the feathers right now and congratulations to your cousin!


  5. this post is really beautiful
    I love your blog

  6. great post! love feather accessories!! xx

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