August 12, 2010

H&M Autumn 2010

H&M is celebrating Autumn early, today is the first day of Autumn at H&M. Above is some of their new stuff they will have in store today. You can view some of the other clothing on their Like Page on Facebook.

I am in love with the big sweater almost poncho like. IN LOVE with it. My jaw dropped when I saw it. Love at first sight. I do dig the 1st and 2nd shirt. It makes me want to wear the stripped bat sleeve sweater that I have bought from H&M in the middle of the summer when they were having their huge sale. Also H&M needs to do something about their stores in SoHo. I was in both of them on Tuesday and what a disappointment. One of which I always disliked and they have redesigned it but both are just so tight with little to no clothing. Still for the most part my favorite H&Ms are on 34th street the one on 7th and the one between 5th and 6th Ave. Just in case any of you visit the city.

PS. Those of you who live in the city and are around the Upper Westside, Urban Outfitters is having it's Grand Opening today on 100th street and Broadway!
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I walked by it yesterday and it looks super! The sign for Urban Outfitters is like something from the 50's which I guess can go along with the Big Daddy's that opened up around there a few months ago.

"URBAN OUTFITTERS is opening a 15,800-square-foot store on the Upper West Side at 2633 Broadway (at 100th Street), (212) 222-3212. The exterior is divided into four distinct storefronts: a bodega, a hat store, a hardware store and a neighborhood bar. A flagship is set to open at 521 Fifth Avenue later this year, as well as on the Upper East Side. " -

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