August 10, 2010

Louis Vuitton Fall 2010 Campaign

Pictures from Fashion Gone Rogue

I never cared for Louis Vuitton until this season. I love the long length of the dresses and skirts. This collection gives the meaning of sexy a whole another definition. Short and skimpy no. Body flattering pieces to show off those curves, curves, curves, cleavage....and curves, yes. I love the 50's style of this campaign and collection. Even the sleekness of the bags are amazing. I hate the printed pattern of LV bags. I think they look cheesy, but these bags are modern, sleek, and sophisticated. Nothing about this collection is cheesy. Everything is just spot on. This is probably one of my favorite campaigns and collections for the season. Well done Marc Jacobs.

What do you think about this campaign?

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  1. ditto! i was never big on LV, but this campaign is so stunning and elegant. it makes me wish i had long hair for a classic ponytail!

  2. I agree! I love the total retro and sophisticated vibe of it all. :)

    Bre @

  3. beautiful campaign!


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