August 2, 2010

Inspirational Monday: Weddings

I always wanted to get married on the beach and my friend did just that this past weekend. She held her wedding down in Atlantic City on Brigantine Beach. She got so lucky with the weather it was goregous. The whole wedding was so sweet and she looked amazing. As did the groom (will post pictures). It was a small wedding and informal. I love things that aren't traditonal and they defiantely made their wedding their own. After the wedding instead of a normal recepition we went to an amazing buffet at the Harrah's resort (where we actually stayed). Of course there was cake and cake being thrown. I'm so happy for her. It amazes me how grown up we all are. She now has a family of her own. And my other friends who got married last year will be having a little one of their own shortly. My friend's wedding is 1 of 3 within the next couple of months. I can't help but think about weddings. I'm sure this is the furthest thing in my boyfriends head. But weddings make me feel all girly and mushy inside.

There's something about beach weddings that make it so romantic and casual. Between the sand, the sound of the ocean, and the sun how can you not love such an idea. There are so many creative things that can be done. You can keep it simple or add a touch an artistic feel to it.

Beach WeddingsFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore
From left to right: 1. 'Seaside' Beach Candles in Coral Design Gift Box Wedding Favors: $1.50 -; 2. Beach Wedding Favors - Island Beach Theme Weddings; 3. Beach Collection Champagne Flutes - Wedding Toasting Glasses:; 4. Beach Wedding Champagne Flutes Beach Wedding Flutes Beach Theme Wedding:; 5. Seashells Gel Candle Favors - Beach Wedding Favors:; 6. Beach Wedding Favors - Island Beach Theme Weddings; 7. Beach Wedding Favors - Island Beach Theme Weddings; 8. Wedding Toasting Glasses, Toast to the Bride and Groom - Beach Wedding:; 9. Becca and James: San Diego beach wedding part 1 San Diego Wedding Blog:; 10. Unique Ideas For Your Beach Wedding - Planning Your Own: Beach Wedding:; 11. Flowers, Reception, Ceremony, Blue, Wedding, Beach, Inspiration:; 12. Beach Wedding Flowers:; 13. Florida Beach Wedding Flowers by Sun Kissed Weddings/ Cocoa Beach Wedding:

I love each of the above things. The flowers, the blue chairs, the party favors, and the champagne glasses. The set up of the bottom left chairs is so unorthodox but it works. The bright blue chairs are perfect against the grains of sand and the blue of the ocean, I also love that they made their own isle. I always thought of having my brides maids in a champagne color and a aqua blue belt/stash.

I love simple Wedding Dresses to lace to long trains.

Wedding DressesFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

I think every girl should feel beautiful and special in whatever they wear on their wedding day. It doesn't have to be a formal wedding dress, it doesn't even have to be a dress. As long as you feel gorgeous and special on your day then thats all that matters. I know I want a fairy tale type of dress. I love the dresses that are crisp white with simple lines but I also love the details in more detail orienated dresses.

Do you guys ever think about your wedding?

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  1. I love to think about it but actually getting married isn't something we'll be able to afford at least until I'm 32 since student loans are already 60-odd percent of my income as is. It is lovely to dream of gown trains though!


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