August 31, 2010

Chicago Magazine: Fashion

Source: Chicago Magazine

What was the first thing I got in the mail at my new place??? A little fashion magazine from my best friend and roommate from college who lives out in Chicago (!! That is love right there! She got it for free with her Chicago Magazine. I must admit this little magazine is really good for a magazine insert. There is great information and the editorals are surprisingly fantastic. These photos are from an editorial shoot called "A Brave New World." I really enjoy the styling that was done in this shoot and the photography. Everything that is fall is in this shoot. To bad you can't read the words on the pages, not only do they tell you who the designer is of the pieces but they also tell you where you can find the clothing in Chicago! How cool is that? Also I am REALLY loving the gray cape from RM by Roland Mouret (5th picture down).

Another editorial that is in the magazine is called "Arrivals and Departures" which was shot at one of the Chicago Airports. I'll have to do a post of that later.....

What do you guys think?

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  1. I love that even the weather is right for fall in chicago in these pics.

  2. loving all the knits, can't wait for autumn!

  3. I love the decor of the photoshoot, really nice :)
    You have a really cool blog babe!!


    maybe you'd like to come and visit me? :)

  4. Really great editorial, I love the cape in the picture! Gotta get my hand on one of those

    Thanks for your comment!



  5. I follow you now with bloglovin :)

  6. Love all of these looks!!!


  7. This is a lovely fall editorial. I like the outfit of the 2nd to last pic very much

  8. love the knits! can't wait for fall!

    fabulous blog! love love love it!


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