December 27, 2010

Inspirational Monday: SNOW!

It is madness here in NYC. We got hit with a ton of snow yesterday into early this morning. We got up to 20 inches of snow! Luckily many people are off today for the Holiday weekend and schools are closed till January 3rd. So, we sort of got cheated out of a snow day but either way there is something about snow that makes me feel like a little kid. Even in college my friends and I would go sledding which meant stealing lunch trays from the cafeteria and going onto campus and going down the biggest hill we had which was up by our science building. Now I spend the days hiding out at home watching the snow in comfy PJs, drinking hot chocolate, catching up on some Zs and blogging.
Let it snow!Align Center

Let it snow! by poetofsorts featuring moccasin slippers
1. Knitted Snowflake Jumper: $50 -; 2. Snowflake Leggings: $19 -; 3. Hot Chocolate Mix: $7.95 -; 4. HP Laptop; 5. Reindeer Moccasin Slippers: $24 -; 6. Magazines; 7. BCBG Dreamie Travel Blanket: $24 -

There's nothing like a snow to slow you down to make you do nothing, to just relax and be comfortable. Honestly, I wish I had a dog so I could take him out for a walk in the snow and play with him in the snow but there is no reason for me to go out there today....So I probably won't. Unless I dare to brave the snow and the hurricane force winds to take a couple of photos of the city covered in snow.

How do you spend your snow days?

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  1. Looks like the perfect winter evening to me! the jumper and leggings are great!

  2. Looks like someone has the day off! Cozy at home collection.

  3. This is such a cute lounge outfit! Love the slippers! :)

  4. That entire picture looks like the perfect snow day. =]

  5. Nothing like a cute and warm lounge outfit to cheer you up on a cold winter day. I love those leggings BTW. I am not a leggings person but I would snap them up in a heartbeat. Hope you are having a fun and relaxing day.

    Look forward to hearing from you


    Tashrin from Toronto, Canada

  6. love the post! love the legging too!:)
    You have a great blog by the way! I am so happy i ran into it! It's a great read! Your posts are great and your style is amazing!
    Im gonna follow you!
    Hope you visit me back and become a follower:)
    That would be amazing!


    have a fabulous day!

  7. This is going to be me tomorrow! And I can't wait.

  8. Love those tights... and cocoa lol, it would appear we should set up a blogger cocoa date :)

    Ripped Nylon


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