December 8, 2010

Steal the Style for Less: Turtle Neck Dresses

What better way to stay warm then a classic turtle neck dress? Some stars like Cameron Diaz, Khloe Kardashian, and Victoria Justice have been seen out and about in their turtle neck dresses.

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Turtle neck dresses are perfect to take from day to night. Staple turtle neck dresses, like the simple black turtle neck dresses, can be over accessorized with jewlery, tights, and scarves. The great thing about the black turtle neck dress is that you can mix it up with bolder pieces like a bright colored stocking or belt or bag! Possiblities are endless!

Turtle Neck Dresses
Outfits from left to right: 1. YESSTYLE: Jvin- Metal Chain Hand Bag: $85 -; American Apparel Interlock Turtle Neck Tent Dress: $40 -; Tights for Every Occasion in Hot Date: $15 -; Nivan T-Strap Platform: $98 -; 2. Silver Fine Knit Cable Snood: $32 -; Forever21 Turtle Neck Dress: $20 -; London Rebel Contrast Wedge: $69 -; Forever21 Studded Clutch with Chain: $24 -; 3. High Neck Tunic by Wal G: $56 -; ASOS Ribbed Multi Knit Knee High Socks: $8.62 -; Forever21 Oxford Bootie: $27 -; Zara Shoulder Bag: $80 -; 4. French Connection Silk High Neck Shift Dress: $159 -; Suede Peep Toe Multi Platflorm Platform Heel: $33 -; Small Chain Handle Box Bag: $70 -

American Apparel is a great place to start to look for basic pieces. They have a couple different types of turtle neck dresses like Interlock Turtleneck Tent Dress (1st to the left $40), Cotton Spandex Jersey Turtleneck Dress ($36), and Solid Rib Turtleneck Dress ($32). Not only do they carry all these different types of turtle neck dresses but they have so many different colors to choose from: black, white, red, navy, etc.. The simple black turtle neck dress is always easy to dress up. Try accessoring the look with a belt that has color in it like the Dorthy Perkins Black lace chain waist belt (1st on left $19). I'm sure many of us have a collection of different colored belts that could be used to spice up this outfit. Also look for tights that are bold colored or patterened like the Modcloth Tights for Every Occasion in Hot Date (1st on the left $15) and Kate Spade Enormous Swiss Dot Tight (2nd on the left $24).

Try a turtle neck dress that has a bit of detail in it like pockets, pleats, or buttons. The Forever21 dress (2nd on the left $20) has a nice little detail with the two big pockets on the sides. Even try a turtle neck dress in a different basic color like the Topshop High Neck Tunic by Wal G (3rd to the left $56). This dress not only stands out because of it's color but also because it has a military style look to it. The High Neck Tunic has a lot of details to it: the two buttons on the collar, puffy sleeves, and ribbed top. Try to play up a look to a dress. This dress is military inspired so why not try a military style bootie or even a oxford style bootie like the Forever21 shoes (3rd from the left $27).

For a more dressy look try a high neck chiffon dress or silk dress. The French Connection Silk High Neck Shift Dress (last on the right $159) is perfect for day time and for night time fun. This dress can be glammed up with fun and bright accessories like the Charlotte Russe Suede Peep Toe Multi Platflorm Platform Heel (last on the right $33). This dress is also great for the Holiday season. Nothing beats a little black dress (expect for maybe a little black sequin dress).

With all these dresses try paring them up with fun and funky accessories. Try knee high socks and oxford booties like the 3rd look from the left. You can even try to stay warm buy adding a scarf. Don't be afraid to accessories basic black pieces just make sure your color combos pair up together. You don't want to clash.
I have a American Apparel turtle neck dress that I bought a couple of years back and always pull it out during the winter. This season I'm really playing up with different colors and patterns instead of just sticking with the usual dark colors. No one said that winter had to be all about dark colors!

What do you guys think about this look?

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  1. I love the outfits, great post!♥

  2. Really cute looks! I love sweater dresses :)

  3. Super post, i love this look))) Your blog is very interesting!!!

  4. Yeah this is a really great look. I like how it can be dressed down for work just with some tights and heels then glammed up for an evening by accessorising with some funky heels and a belt or maybe a scarf. Really nice post.

  5. I love, love, LOVE turtle neck dresses!! I have a black one I wear every winter because it is so much fun to accessorize it differently and make it look like an entirely new outfit every time. Plus, turtle neck dresses are SO comfy! xo

    Great post!

  6. nice tips, I'm not a fan of turtle necks (they get itchy around my neck) but those turtle neck dresses are great for dressing up and down in all occasions

  7. Never thought of them as evening dresses, but styled up they do look great!


  8. I never thought about wanting a turtleneck dress until now! you're totally right, you can dress it up or down with different accessories or bold colored leggings. I love the mix-n-match looks you posted!!

    and I agree with you on your Ebay/Etsy views! i think the same thing. You should definitely open up a shop on Ebay to sell your unwanted clothes and random stuff from around the house. There's always someone out there who's looking for it! :)

  9. loving the turtle neck dress..everything on ur collage looks so beautiful..

  10. i love all the things you picked! i really like the first outfit you put together, with the red tights and the belt. so cute- that would be a perfect outfit for a christmas party.

    *Claudia* xoxo
    Molto ❤ Fashion

  11. i love the one from french connection.

  12. I quite like turtle necks, there's something really sophisticated about them.
    And in reply to your comment, I know right. but i do quite like it! it's different. i already have one on the back of my neck so it may look too much, so i'm still debating on it!

    again, love your blog!


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