December 19, 2010

"I WEAR MY SUNGLASSES AT NIGHT" FashionIndie Mixtape Listening Party

Thursday night I was invited to the "I WEAR MY SUNGLASSES AT NIGHT" FashionIndie Mixtape Listening Party by and The event was a launch party for's 60 minute mix tape. Their mix tape is a great blend of music that will get you pumped up for the weekend at work or even something to dance to while getting dressed. You can listen to this mixtape right on their homepage. Also, the night was to endorse Jinna from Grease & Glamour and Sunglass Hut Full Time Fabulous Finalist (you can read her full time fabulous blog here).

Jinna From Sunglass Hut Full Time Fabulous Finalist and put around some knock off sunglasses around their studio space along with props. We were all asked to have fun and wear some of the props which of course I took full advantage of.
I saw these red knock off Ray Bans that were missing the lens and I knew they were mine.

I pretty much wore those sunglasses all night. Love love love them.

Jinna brought in some of her own sunglasses and the sunglasses that the Sunglass Hut sent her. It was fun to try on more expensive sunglasses mixed in with some knock of brands.
They even had an up and coming eye wear brand there called Activist Eyewear. These sunglass are 100% innovative, based out of Brooklyn, and have everything I dotted and every T crossed. This company really thinks about the costumer and tries to give the costumer a real costume feel. With each sun glass you buy you get a case that has an inside pocket for accessories, a lens cleaning cloth which is "tailored as a classic gentleman's pocket square..." (Activist Eye Wear cataloger), lanyard so that you can hang your glasses around your neck, and the box your sunglasses come in are hand stamped with the number of your sunglasses! If that's not costume enough for you they created a form fit which they call "Split Fit." According to their website the Split Fit is " unorthodox system that distributes the forces over a much greater area of the head, so the pressure is never concentrated at any one point. With a core of either stainless steel or Beta-titanium and an exterior sheath of rubber, Split-Fit™ is sculpted to perfectly balance strength, flexibility and weight, guaranteeing your Activist sunglasses will always be incredibly comfortable and secure."

photo from Activist Eyewear

These sunglasse feel unlike anything else. They are super fly and super comfortable. Of course these sunglasses come at an expensive price of $450 but are worth every penny. Check them out at

This was a such a fun night. Who doesn't love playing with sunglasses, listening to great music, and chatting with other people that share your same passion?

Thank you to and for inviting me to this wonderful event!

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