December 9, 2010

Joseph Ribkoff and Lookbooks Styling Contest Event

I was lucky enough to get invited to the Joseph Ribkoff and Lookbooks Styling Contest Event at the Lookbooks Lounge in New York City. Joseph Riboff partnered with Lookbooks to create a styling contest with fashion bloggers to introduce his Spring 2011 line and to celebrate the woman's achievements from Derek Fabulous Bottomless Closet Program. The fashion bloggers went head to head in a styling competition using Joseph Riboff's 2011 line and dressing the woman from Bottomless Closets. And since this was a competition there were two runners up and one winner. Well who were the judges? Well the two judges of the contest were Miss America Caressa Cameron and of course Derek Warburton of, world famous stylist and workshop leader at Bottomless Closet.

photo from Arthur Eisenberg

Here's a little background on Bottomless Closets and Derek Warburton program there. Bottomless Closets is a program for disavantaged woman in New York City to help them get on their feet through a "comprehensive program that begins with business attire and interview preparation and continues with professional development, financial management and personal enrichment. Using the model of women helping women and our network of dedicated volunteers, Bottomless Closet enhances our clients’ self-esteem and self-confidence in order for them to enter and succeed in the workforce and improve the quality of their lives." ( Derek Warburton created a program at Bottomless Closets called “How to Be Derek Fabulous” where he works with the woman in the program and teaches them how to dress apporiately for work. He also even "works individually with each woman at the seminar to help select garments and listen to her fashion and beauty concerns." (

This night was full of fashion, celebration, and networking. I was even lucky enough to have participated in the styling competition. This was so great to work with these woman and to have gotten a chance to meet each and everyone of them. They were so sweet and so excited to get a chance to dress up and feel great.

We got to pick one of the woman from this program and as soon as I saw my little lady I knew I wanted to style her. She had on a perfect green button down top, skinny jeans and boots. Right away I knew it, she loves color! We talked about what she liked and I was right color! And not only color but to feel sexy. Right on!

Joseph Riboff Spring 2011 collection is all about color and feeling sexy. The material is definitely made for the every day woman. Good stretchy material, wide leg trousers, skinny jeggings, bright colored tops and dresses, and funky patterns are seen through out the collection. It was great to see a designers line on the every day woman. You got to really appreciate and understand the clothing even more.
Photo by Caryn La Greca

Once we picked out our outfits and got our ladies dressed it was runway time! The ladies did a walk down a little catwalk and stuttered their stuff. These ladies were looking fierce and fabulous!

Above photos from Arthur Eisenberg
And of course my lovely lady!

Even though I might not have won the contest I feel like I won I mean look at her smile! It was great to see her love the things that I picked out for her and for her to feel fantastic. In the end that's really what this was all about!

I want to thank Arthur Eisenberg (who is a wonderful photographer as you can see) for thinking of me and sending me an invite to this event. I also want to thank for having me and allowing me to participate in this event.

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  1. Such an uplifting program, and it looks like everyone involved was having a blast!!!

  2. sounds like a fun event and you totally had a great time even when you didn't win that's the most important part!

  3. cute looks! i really love it! :)

  4. Your amazing...I'm glad we're partners in

  5. Wow sounds like you had an awesome time. The evening looked like it was a really great event.

  6. what a great cause. thats so great how you participated, it looked like a great night!


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