December 24, 2010

Last Minute Christmas Ideas

For those of us in the US there's only one day left for Christmas shopping...TODAY! Do you need some last minute Christmas ideas with out breaking the bank? Well I have a couple ideas up my sleeve for both HIM and HER!
For Her

For Her by poetofsorts featuring j crew dresses
1. Philosophy Peppermint Bark Dou:
$15 -; 2. Philosophy the Gingerbread Man: $25 -; Forever21 High Gloss Ring: $1.50 -; 3. Animal Long PJ Set: $55 -; 4. Topshop Set of 3 Nail Polish: $19 -; 5. Benefit Cosmetics Some Beauty To Love ($76 Value) Some Beauty To Love: $29 -; 6. Essie for J.Crew: $20 -; 7. Urban Outfitters Faux Fur Slippers: $24 -; 8. Victoria Secrets Lipgloss Ornaments: $10 -; 9. Victoria Secrets Sparkle Eye Liner Ornaments: $10 -; 10. Urban Outfitters Flower Earring Post: $24 -

Sometimes soaps and bath stuff can seem so impersonal but there's honestly nothing better then getting Philosophy. And why not make bath time fun with some Christmas themed soap! Who says Christmas only has to be once a year? How about giving the gift of Philosophy The Gingerbread Man body scrub (which is rated 4.6 out of 5 on Sephora's website)? It's a sea salt body scrub that smells like gingerbread men and heats up in the shower or bath. This scrub will bring the joy all year around. Or what about Philosophy Peppermint Bark Dou (which is rated 4.2 out of 5 on Sephora's website)? It includes a mint chocolate candy shampoo, shower gel, and bubble bath and lip gloss.

Gift sets are always a good idea whether it's make-up, perfume, body lotion, nail polish, or even candles. It all depends on the girl you are shopping for. If she's a glam girl do the Sparkle Eye Liner Ornament from Victoria Secret. It's perfect for New Years Eve and all year round glam. If she's a girly girl do the Essie for J.Crew Nail Polish set. This set includes the basic colors of pink and red (there are 4 different shades).

Instead of flowers or a poinsettia give her a boutique of flower jewelery. Forever21 has the most adorable flower rings in all different colors (black, pink, mint, and orange) and you can get them all since a single ring will only run you $1.50. Or do a pot of Flower Post Earrings from Urban Outfitters. It is a set of 5 earrings for only $20!

Why not get her something comfy but still good looking. Every woman even lounging around wants to look and feel good. Get her a PJ set from Topshop or give her feet the ultimate comfort but still fun chic look with the Urban Oufitters Faux Fur Bootie Slippers. Both these are perfect for the winter season. Nothing like cuddling up with some hot coco with super comfy lounge wear.

All these items have a bit of every woman and are more personal then just a gift card. None of these items will run you more then $55.

1. Burberry Men's Coffret: $35 -; 2. Yves Saint Laurent L'Homme Discovery Gift Set: $39 -; 3. Urban Outfitters Boombox Pillow Case: $19.99 Boombox Pillowcase Set; 4. and 5. Topman Bracelet: $15 -; 6. AE Men's Campus Boot: $50 -; 7. AE's Suede Slipper: $30 -; 8. Topman Wristwear Bracelet: $24 -

Men are tricky little things but every man wants to smell and look his best. Sephora even is a great place to get gifts for him! They have cologne gift sets that include shower gel and after shave balm like the Yves Saint Laurent L'Homme Discovery Set Gift Set. According to Yves Saint Laurent is "infused with the force of attraction of a man with style and sensuality, this fresh, woody fragrance is effervescent with bright, sparkling notes of bergamot, ginger, and vetiver. This fragrance of contrasts is a unique combination of luxury, art, and modernity for timeless elegance." Not sure what his scent is? Then try the Burberry Men's Coffret (which has recieved 4.6 out 0f 5 stars on This set comes with 5- .15oz bottles of cologne. These 5 colognes are Burberry for Men, Touch for Men, Brit for Men, London for Men, and the Beat for men.

Slippers are always a great choice especially if your man is in college or you know someone that is. Slippers are the number one thing worn on and off campus but why not give him a good looking slipper like the American Eagle Suede Slipper and the American Eagle Men's Campus Boot. These are fashionable and not just your typical slippers.

If you know a guy that is an accessory type of man Topman (Topshop part for men) is your place to look. They have fantastic accessories like the three bracelets in the above photos. These bracelets can be dressed up and dressed down. They are also masculine and perfect for the rock and roller type or even the beach boy type.

Do you know a guy that dreams of a music career or just loves music? Why not get him something fun to lay his head down on like the Boom Box Pillowcase from Urban Outfitters. This will spruce up his living space.

The best part about these gifts that none of the $50. Also these gifts work for men of all ages.

I hope this was helpful and kicked started some creative last minute thinking! To my last minute shoppers I wish you all the best of luck!

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  1. Mmmhmm, great picks for both girls and boys! Great post, thanks for sharing - I always find it hard to shop for my guys, but not anymore!

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    This is the marvelous post about christmas gifts. Thank you very much for posting this!!!!
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