January 13, 2011

Forever21 Vs. Alexander Wang

I was amazed by this when I saw it on my Facebook feed. Forever21's new shoe: Leatherette Wedge Loafers.

Look familiar? It's because it's completely similiar to Alexander Wangs Trish leather wedge mules.

I'm not sure how I feel about this. It's great that Forever21 is bringing designer style at lower cost but at the same time it's a total rip off of Alexander Wang's design. I know stores like Forever21 try and replicate the style that's in but have they gone to far to totally "steal" a designers style? They did a similar thing with their Miu Miu look a like shoes which they had in black suede material and floral print material, which I admit that I ended up buying and have only worn once because they are totally uncomfortable to wear for a long period of time. I will skip on this Forever21 shoe.

What do you guys think of this? Do you think Forever21 has gone to far?

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  1. I like when retailers like Target does designer collections for target. Then it's not copying. However, these are too close to the real thing. I like it when the company is inspired and makes a similar shoe but not the exact same.

  2. i agree with what heidi said ^
    i think forever 21 rips off labels a bit too much...while i like being able to get designer copy cats inexpensively, it really isnt fair to the original designer
    however, all designers should be inspiring one another, though this is a bit more than that


  3. Although I agree it is copying and ripping off Alexander Wang's design, you have to remember that in the early 1900s, companies all over the world bought 'Paris models' to copy the pattern exactly, and sell on to buyers in their own countries.. Fashion isn't copyrighted.

  4. Yeah you see this happen a lot, it's why christian louboutin tried to get a patent for his red sole so others couldn't copy it. It is a bit of a shame if you had dropped $500 + on some shoes then saw someone got the same ones for $30. The only good thing is you know you're going to be getting shoes which are of better quality.



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