January 21, 2011

Katie Holmes on ELLE's February Cover

Have you guys seen this on the stands? Honestly, I hesitated picking this up because of the cover but like I learned in grade school "never judge a book by it's cover". I truly dislike this cover, okay more borderline hate this cover. Yes, hate is a strong word but this cover is awful. There is nothing enticing to this picture. It doesn't scream pick me up and read me. What were they thinking when they dressed Katie Holmes? It's a like a bad throwback to the 1990's. There is nothing stylish. It's plain and it's boring. Also, what is going on with the pants? The flap is bent over on the left side but straight up on the right side. Was this on purpose or did the stylist not notice? When I see covers like this all I can think is that this was the best shot of her that they could get. Which I find hard to believe, I haven't flipped to the Katie article but I really hope they styled her better.

What do you think of this cover?

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  1. It's a rather editorial shoot (inside) which begs the question why the fudge they'd put that on the cover.

  2. Not a fan of this cover and not a fan of Ms Holmes, but I highly agree that this cover is pretty unflattering and staged! Love the blog btw!

  3. She looks great, but I don't like this cover!


  4. On first setting eyes on the cover I didn't really notice anything. But when I looked again I was thinking why is she wearing that little vest top that looks cheap. I'm sure Elle could have got hold of something a little more exciting than that?



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