January 4, 2011

Urban Vibe- H&M Divided Collection

Photos from H&M Facebook page. Also check out www.hm.com/urban_vibes.

Look who is now modeling for H&M Divided. First Abbey Lee now Bambi.

And damn it H&M after I just vowed not to spend so much money at your freaking store you give me this: leopard print jumper, leopard print tops, printed trousers, and an orange dress. I can't win. That leopard print jumper is to die for!

What do you guys think about this collection?

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  1. H&M really had a great idea for this collection!


  2. Love it! I have a purse that I've just noticed is from the Divided line and it's my baby! So I'll definitely be purchasing more from the collection... even though my bank account is hurting so badly already! Damn you, H&M.

  3. just when I'm done with the Lavin collection H&M comes out with another really cool one! Sigh, you can never get enough clothes haha

  4. As if every single one of the looks in these photos are ones I would steal right off the mannequin! I can not wait for this collection to hit stores, although I agree with the posts above, my wallet is seriously hurting thanks to the holidays!

    Thanks for the inspiration!



  5. It's awesome! I saw it in store the other day and the pieces are really well done. Those red trousers in the 2nd photo are top of my purchase list!

    PS// Topshop nail polish New Year giveaway!

  6. There are some good pieces. But I'm not digging the editorial. :(

    Love Grace.

  7. This is so cute! I love the ads too--the California city look, the intentional glare from the sun, perfect. I really like H&M, their clothes are almost always spot-on, and for a low price too. Imma need to get some of those leather prints! http://thearcenciel.blogspot.com/

  8. It looks a really fun and young collection and you can never go wrong with animal print. But I was put off after my negative experience with the Lanvin collection, I'm probably going to take a leaf out of your book and give H&M a miss.



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