January 8, 2011

Styling for Winter Days

I read this poll on IFB not to long ago that asked "does your fashion sense go out the window when it is cold outside?" this question has had me thinking about real winter fashion. This winter has not been easy here in New York, layering and boots have become a necessity these past couple of weeks (except for a some random days here and there). But how do you keep looking sleeking and chic during these cold months without freezing and without spending a lot of money? Well here are some ideas and a few pointers.

Winter Set 1

Winter Set 1 by poetofsorts featuring cream tops
Set 1: Nasty Gal Shearing Aviator Jacket: $98 -shopnastygal.com; Forever21 Cozy Cable Knit Sweater: $25 -forever21.com; American Eagle: $50 -ae.com; Topshop Creme Cable Knit Socks: $24 -topshop.com; Dorthy Perkins Casual Worker Boots: $74 - dorothyperkins.com; Topshop Camel Knot Tassel Knit Scarf: Camel Knot Tassel Knit Scarf
Set #2: ASOS Hem Hitch Coat:
$88 - asos.com; Urban Outfitters Sparkle & Fade Printed Sweater Dress: $48 - urbanoutfitters.com; Topshop Outline Suspender Heart Tights: $18 -topshop.com; ASOS F-Troupe Button Flat Ankle Booties: $181 -asos.com; Cream Cable Longline Cardi: $65 -misselfridge.com; Urban Outfitters Wood Ship Isadora Turban: $28 -urbanoutfitters.com; Topshop Silver Fine Topshop Snood: $32 -topshop.com

Set #1: Nothing is easier then dressing for the weather then cable knit sweaters and a pair of jeans. But how do you take it to the neck level? Grab a pair of knee high socks and pull them over the jeans but scrunch them down to the ankles but make sure they are seen over your boots. This will help keep your feet warm especially if you aren't wearing heavy boots. To keep in trend with the season do a pair of military style boots like the Dorothy Perkin's Black casual worker boots ($74) and a bomber jacket like the Nasty Gal Shearing Aviator Jacket ($98).

Set #2: There's no need to hide your dresses in your closet. Dresses are perfect to layer up during the winter season. Long sleeve dresses are even more perfect like the Urban Outfitters
Sparkle & Fade Printed Sweater Dress ($48). Floral prints are great paired up with cable knit cardigans and to keep your legs warm fun printed tights. If you're wearing a shorter dress try suspender tights like the Topshop Outline Heart Suspender Tights ($18). These will keep you warm but will also give your outfit a nice little surprise. Do a low ankle bootie to keep your feet nice a warm. Long jackets are better to keep you snug and warm in when wearing dresses and skirts since they'll probably be longer then what your wearing. How about keeping it bright? Try a bright color like the ASOS Hitch Hem Coat ($88). This will brighten up your winter and day. Instead of a hat try and do a turban, they just cover the ears and won't mess up the hair to much. Tired of boring scarves? Do a snood like the one from Topshop ($32).

Winter pt 2

Winter pt 2 by poetofsorts featuring beanie hats
Set #3: Delias Parker Twill: $80 -delias.com; T by Alexander Wang Classic Long Sleeve Pocket T: $81 -revolvingclothing.com; Forever21 Edge Terry Cloth Atheltic Pants: $15 -forever21.com; Aldo Mid Calf Boot: $70 -aldoshoes.com; Topshop Snowflake Ski Snood: $32 -topshop.com; Orgin Beanie: $24- allsaints.com
Set #4:
Faux Fur Cheetah Print Coat: $39 -forever21.com; Nasty Gal Gold Dust Blouse: $58 -shopnastygal.com; River Island Work Cut Shorts: $52 -asos.com; American Apparel Super Opaque Tights: $25 -americanapparel.net; Deena & Ozzay Side Buckle Bootie: $68 -urbanoutffiters.com; ASOS Wool Knit Cable Over the Knee Socks: $10 -asos.com; Armani Exchange Sheer Stitch Eternity Scarf: $48 -armaniexcahange.com; Urban Outfitters Geomateric Band Sloutchy Beanie: $28 -urbanoutfitters.com

Set #3: Want to keep it real casual? Try sweatpants that are a little more dressed up then the norm like Edgy Terry Cloth Athletic Pants from Forever21 ($15). This will not only be comfortable but these pants will keep you from freezing your behind off. To keep the look looking casual and comfy do try a easy lose fitting long sleeve top. Pick a top that would be easy to tuck in the front but be able to keep it out in the back. Alexander Wang has a more affordable line, T by Alexander Want that is full of such relaxed tops. Pair the look up accessories like military style boots, a slouchy beanie, and a printed snood. A parker jacket like the one from Delias ($80) will help keep you warm.

Set #4: What's better then faux fur and leather? Nothing. Printed faux fur jackets are in for the season and these bad boys will keep you from feeling the cold. You don't even have to spend a fortune on one. Forever21's
Faux Fur Cheetah Print Coat only cost $39! Also there is no reason to not wear shorts during the winter when you have tights to keep you warm. Faux fur and leather go together like peanut butter and jelly. So leather shorts like the River Island Cut Work Shorts are the perfect pairing. Just wear tights underneath them and you'll be set. To further keep your feet warm do a pair of knee high socks and do like the first set scrunch them down to the ankle but make sure they can be seen over the boots. To keep this look a bit dressed up and light do a long sleeve button down shirt like the Gold Dust Blouse from Nasty Gal ($58). For accessories do a beanie hat and a sheer scarf.

Believe me I know that sometimes booties are not always the option especially on snowy days. Breaking out the snow boots is unavoidable but that doesn't mean that everything above the ankle or calf has to be dressed down or overly layered where we are no longer strutting our fashionablity. UGGs will be broken out (which I honestly have no problem with since they do the job and keep my feet warm), but if your looking for other fashion friendly snow boots try boots from Cougar Boots (you can read my product review of them here). They are fashion friendly and they are super warm. I've pretty much have been living in my Cougar snow boots ever since we got hit with the blizzard here.

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