May 4, 2011

Deals and Steals for MOM

Mother's Day is on Sunday and if you are in the search for the perfect gift but want to still hold on to a few dollars here is my gift guide for some great deals for MOM!

Mothers Day

1.Flowers? Let's replace the typical flowers with the Marc by Marc Jacobs Lola and Daisy Mother's Day Gift Set. What woman doesn't love recieving flowes and what woman doesn't love smelling like a beautiful Daisy? Both these sets come with 3.4 fl. oz. eau te toilette spray, 5.1 fl. oz soothing body lotion0 and 1 fl. oz roller ball and are $75 each. You can buy them online on Zappos Couture's website here or if you don't have time to get it shipped stop in Sephora for $80 for the same set. Sephora also has a Lola gift set that comes with an adorable flower headband, 1.7 oz Eau de Parfum Spray and 2.5 oz Sensual Body Lotion for $70!

2. The Planner. Is your Mom a planner? Or is your Mom always a mess? Well how about lending Mom a hand and getting her a bright and colorful planner. I really love the planner from ($36). The bright yellow is just so perfect for the summer and its a nice shade of brightness that will always remind her to mark dates down on her calender!

3. The Traveler. For the Mom who is a jet setter or who spends a lot of her time traveling a travel journal is just the perfect thing! The most adorable travel journal by far is the Bon Voyage Travel Journal from ($16.99). This little travel journal was created by the artist Susie Gharemani and the pages are filled with cute cartoon drawings and little activities like setching yourself. How about doing a little gift package and throwing in a fun necklace like the Winged Migration Necklace from ($40). Or how about a beautiful bright colorful Kate Spade Cosmetic Bag from ($70).

4. The Sentimentalist . Nothing says something from the heart like a charm bracelet that you made or put together. Pandora jewelery has these great charm bracelets that you get to pick out the charms and either you can place them on the bracelet for her or she can set it up herself. They have all sorts of different charms from animal related charms to glass beaded charms. The price varies from $25 up. Check out Pandora's website to see their collection. Even Macy's sells a brand of charm bracelets, just for the bracelet itself it's $18 and then the charm are $18. If you don't want to do charms Zales has a Diamond Accent Family Name Charm Bracelet in Stainless Steel that is on sale NOW for $53.10. You can engrave names on to these little plaques. It'll always be a reminder of how lucky she is! But my favorite is the Patina Beyound Measure Necklace ($48). Why not tell your mom how much you love with it written on a necklace. They have other sweet necklaces with engraved pendants that say Loved, Thanful Graceful Blessed, and other sweet little reminders. You can also stay near your mom's heart with a heart locket like the one from You can put a small picture of yourself or of you and your sister/brother/father/etc..

What are you getting your Mom or the woman you consider your mother?

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  1. Hey Heather! I gave you the one lovely blog award today!

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  2. great gift idea, I recently bought the lola perfume in a bracelet for my friend, it's adorable!

  3. thank you so, so much for writing about the travel journal i created! I just stumbled upon this blog post & it made me so happy to read - thank you thank you!


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