May 9, 2011

Inspirational Monday: Pleats Please

Unless you live in a cave somewhere then you know that pleats are in for this season. You can't turn a page or a webpage without seeing a pleated skirt. Which is more then a-okay with me. I think I was a head of the game about a year or so ago when I bought my accordion pleated blue skirt from H&M but the more pleated skirts I see the more I want...MORE. Pleats give a dress or a skirt such great definition and add femininity. Even dark colors like black look more feminine with pleats. They just give it a nice soft look about them. Pleated skirts are fun to play with, you can go super feminine or give it a dress down look. I really love soft color pleated skirts and play up the feminine look like the photo that Candace Lakes took.
Pretty in Pleats

Pretty in Pleats by poetofsorts featuring a floral brooch

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  1. SO funny you posted this: I just threw a gorgeous long pleated ballet-pink-colored skirt into the Goodwill pile Absolutely gorgeous but too high waisted to compliment my belligerently pear shape. Too gorgeous for me to slaughter for the sake of "making it work" too. Love pleats but they seem to hate me ha.

  2. I actually would like to buy one this summer... sheer as possible I smell shopping trip...

  3. i really need to get me one of these asap!

  4. Fun pleated skirts. I love Late Afternoon's Blog.

    Live Life in Style

  5. OMG that green pleated skirt is soo cute!

    Love you blog:)

  6. love love love love love! i really like the green one but the black one is simply to die for.


  7. Great post! I like every singe thing)

  8. love pleats right now as well :)
    the last look is perfect! its like a macaron!


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