May 6, 2011

Friend Friday: Shoes!

Every girl loves shoes! Okay well to be honest I hated going shoe shopping as a kid, but not until recently have I really enjoyed going shoe shopping. It's like I'm making up for all those years that I missed out on. For awhile I was just buying shoes. I recently discovered that I have a whole bag of shoes that I had forgotten about! WOOPS! I have a shoe problem.

Friend Friday: Shoes

1. What is your go-to pair of shoes?
My go to pair of shoes right now are my Aldo oxfords that I bought back during Fashion Night Out in September. Even though I had to be talked into buying them by my cousin and her best friend, I'm glad that they did. It was love at first sight but I was hesitant because I didn't really want to spend the $50 bucks or however much they were but they indeed worked out for the best.

Of course they don't look like this anymore. They def. look more worn in.

2. What goes into your shoe buying decisions?
Def. color, looks, how they feel, and price. I first have to be attracted to the shoe and think about how the color goes with the rest of my wardrobe. If I can at least thing of a few outfits I can work out with it then it goes on to trying them on. They have to be comfortable even if they are a high heel. I have to be able to wear them all day even if its just parading around in the office. For a more casual shoe it has to be something I can get a lot of wear out of. Price of course because I don't have a large bank account. For shoes like Jeffrey Campbell's I'm willing to drop a $100 to $200 on shoes (if I have the money to do so).

3. The majority of the shoes in your closet are what color?
Black, brown, and nude.

4. When it comes to design shoes what are your favorite brands and why? As you all should know by now, I'm a HUGE fan of Jeffrey Campbell. I love that even with a 5 inch heel they feel so comfortable. The shoes are honestly reasonably priced for the comfort and the make of the shoe. I would much rather save my money up and buy a pair of good heels to ever go back to buying a bunch of cheap shoes.




When talking about shoes how can you can you not talk about Christian Louboutin? Ok I don't own or have EVER tried on a pair but I think it's the whole red sole that is so alluring. When you see that red sole you know whose shoe that is. Besides the red sole I also like how they go from simple black pumps to to more funkier shoes.

I'm also loving Prada shoes lately. I was OBESSED with their loafer this past fall season but once again I don't own or have I ever tried on a pair. With Prada I love how timeless their shoes. They just scream classy to me.

5. If price wasn’t an issue, you’d own which shoe?
Drools....there are so many shoes....I would def. buy the designer brands that I stated above (more) Jeffrey Campbells, Prada, and Christian Louboutin. But I would also buy Alexander Wang, Alexnder McQueen, and a whole bunch of other designers as well lol.

Since we are on the topic of shoes I have a question for you all....What is the deal with the Tory Burch flats? I don't understand why every woman has a pair of these flats. I'm sure that they are comfortable but I don't find then flattering. I hate the huge Tory Burch buckle logo on them. Now that it's spring time I've seen more and more woman walking around with them and I feel like...I'm just not getting something?

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  1. Those Aldo oxfords are cute! I had a pair from Steve Madden, but they were kind of small, so I sold them at Buffalo Exchange! I have never bought any Jeffrey Campbell shoes, but there are a few pair I will be purchasing in the next month or so! I totally feel that a shoe is worth spending $100-200 dollars on, instead of $20 (unless they are $100-200 shoes that you find on sale or at TJMaxx/Marshalls for half the price). I am on a mission to buy a pair of Louboutins by December 31, 2011 (now to start saving my pennies, lol).

    I too have never understood the hype around the Tory Burch flat They do come in some cute colors, but I honestly hate that big gold buckle thing. I prefer the GAP city flat, which feels like walking in a real ballet shoe :-)

  2. i love your collection of jeffrey campbells! they are by far my faves!

  3. You know I'm right there with you on the Tory Burch flat thing! It seems like its such a suburban trend, I can't stand it! Personally, I'd rather have shoes that are different from everyone else not have to buy a pair bc everyone else does! (I might however be obsessed with the Litas in red. I have them in black but have never seen the red before and they are ADORABLE!

  4. Love my Aldo oxfords and OMG the JC shoes you pictured were amazing! Do you own them?

  5. I love, love, love those red platform shoes!!!!

  6. Couture! Love the platforms!
    Goooo height!

    The Styllustrator

  7. i need more shoes like these! love the red ones and the litas :) have a great weekend!

    love, M

  8. I have just found your blog and I like it so much ! I am following you ! I am also a shoe lover and a huge Jeffrey Campbell fan ! Greetings from Italy ! I can't wait to visit NY this summer ! It's gonna be my very first time :-)


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