May 20, 2011

Friend Friday: Blog Pet Peeves

Everyone has their pet peeves like I can't stand when woman put their purses on the seat next to them on the train and when you ask them to move it they give you a dirty look. Like come on! Your purse doesn't need a seat. Anyway even us bloggers have our pet peeves about other blogs, post, comments, bloggers, etc.. Modlychic was inspired to do this Friend Friday on a post from Beautifully Invisible from a couple weeks ago entitled ‘The 10 things that drive
me crazy about your blog." We were asked to make our own list and the read the post. So here are my 5 things that drive me crazy from blogs that I visit.

Friend Friday: Blog Pet Peeves

1. Music on a blog. I hate when there's music on peoples blog. I mean I understand that you want to show your flavor but I mean it usually freaks the hell out of me and when I'm at work I usually have my music playing on my computer so then I need to turn mine off then try to find where the music is playing on the blog.

2. Over htmlized blogs. I hate when peoples websites or blogs are over htmlized. TO MUCH STUFF. Just keep it simple. If I'm going to your blog I want to be able to read what you post.

3. O comment link where are you? I hate searching for a comment link. It shouldn't be difficult to find. I also hate when there is no comment link. Why have a blog if you don't want others to share opinions with you.

4. Let me throw this out there. I'm okay with repost of pictures, extra. I follow blogs that are report heavy but I like when they do leave a little something or a comment on a reason why. I don't like when they just repost pictures. It's not very exciting or orginal. Maybe its not a pet peeve. Maybe its just an understanding I'm lacking.

5. Bad pictures. Okay listen I've had some bad quality pictures but I try to do my best with the quality. But I can't stand when people consistently post bad pictures. I would love to see your outfit but I can't because your pictures are bad quality. If they aren't bad quality they are to small or way to big. Getting the image sizing down is a must.

You can read the 10 Things About Your Blog that I hate.

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  1. I agree with all of your comments! I hate the music because sometimes I'm in other places and forget the sound is on on my laptop and then this music just comes out!! At least make a page link to your favorite tunes, but not on your main page!

    Live Life in Style

  2. Music annoys me as well! Great post :)

  3. lol, or when you open multiple pages up at once because you like to multi-task and it so happens all the blogs you open have music looped in the background and suddenly there is a cacophany of sound and you're trying to figure out which page each sound is coming from! grating on the nerves, for sure. love your blog!

  4. Thanks for linking my post (although hate is a strong word - I don't hate anything! LOL).

    I really enjoyed reading yiour list. You listed a lot of the same peeves as myself. Your #1 and #3 especially. I haven't really run into the repost issue as of yet. I follow some tumblrs that are mostly reposts but they aren't the main blog - they serve more as inspiration boards.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing!


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