June 10, 2011

Friend Friday: Summer Trends

Summer is here and there really isn't anything like shorts, skirts, summer dresses, tank tops, swim suits, and flip flops. The usually summer wear (at least outside the office and maybe sometimes in too). This summer brings some really great trends like lace, maxi dresses/skirts, bright colors, sheers, pleats, high-low, crop tops, cat-eye sunglasses, even the John Lenon circle sunglasses, and so much more. I can really go on about these trends this summer. I have started to already rock a few of these trends like the colorblocking trend.

Friend Friday: Summer Trends

What are the top 5 Summer trends that you are looking forward to wearing this season?

1. Round Sunglasses

TopShop sunglasses
TopShop sunglasses (see more round sunglasses)

I'm actually on the hunt for the perfect pair of Round Sunglasses at an affordable price. I just love the retro feeling of these sunglasses. Very 70's and very John Lennon. Another pair that I really like are the NastyGal Spitfire Weekend Shades, I like that they are round but also have a little cat eye to them.

2. Orange Lipstick

I have become obessed with the Le Orange (#13) from YSL. I tried out the tester on my hand in Sephora and I just feel in love with not only the bright color but also the rich and creaminess of it. Of course Sephora was completely wiped out (of pretty much every lipstick) and I made a trip to Saks Fifth Ave and they also were sold out. Surprised? Not really but the guy at the YSL beauty counter sadly told me it will take 2 weeks until they get restocked.

3. High-Low

Free People dress

I can not get enough of this cut. I already own two skirts and a dress in this high-low cut. I just love that it shows off your legs but has an elegance to it too. I bought a high-low dress from LF Stores that I have been saving to wear to my bf's friend's wedding.

4. Colors

Color Blocking

Color Blocking by poetofsorts featuring shirts blouses

I really love all the bright colors this spring/summer season. Everything from just pops of color to actual color blocking. It's so funny to me because as a New Yorker we all tend to wear darker colored clothes, even when I shop I still lean towards dark colors even though I'm trying to get myself into buying brighter colors.

5. Pleats

Pretty in Pleats

Pretty in Pleats by poetofsorts featuring polka dot tops

Back in May I actually did a Inspirational Monday post on pleats (which you can read here). They are so feminine and can really be girled up. My favorite pleats are the pastel colored ones since with those you can really go soft and neutral. I only own one pleated skirt and it's in navy blue, this is going to have to change real soon!

What are some of your favorite summer trends?

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  1. I'm loving color this season, too. I've only tip-toed into it so far, but if there was ever a time to add more color to our wardrobes, it's now!

  2. I love lace bright colours FLOWERS FLOWERS don't forget floral is huge!!!!

    XO Veronica
    Passion for Fashion

  3. OMG your Polyvore collections are so gorgeous. I love everything you picked! I'm really getting turned onto round sunglasses myself. Do you recommend any?

  4. I'm surprised I haven't seen pleats on more people's lists today. It seems like everyone is loving pleats lately!

  5. i need to whip out some orange lipstick! i have it and never wear it. shame


  6. You are bold to wear the round sunglasses and orange lips. I'm loving both looks but don't think I could pull them off myself. I suppose that's what makes fashion so great - we each can rock what we love and be totally on point! - Katy

  7. Color is my thing. I HAVE to have it. And I'm soooo feeling the colored lipsticks this season too. I have a TON of pleated skirts too-I just have to figure out exactly how to style them and then....it's ONNN!



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