June 14, 2011

Steep vs Cheap: Getting the Stella McCartney Fruity Style for Less

Thank you Stella McCartney for making the spring trend so fruity. The fruit chic is playful and feminine. It works for all different age groups and any social gatherings -- add some sassyness to work by wearing fruit on your dress instead of carrying it in your lunch bag. But there is no need for you to go bankrupt over this style when you can steal it for less.

Stella McCartney vs Steals

Stella McCartney cut out dress, $1,125
Dorothy Perkins cotton dress, 38 GBP
Red Herring blue dress, 38 GBP
River Island white top, 22 GBP
Stella McCartney silk pleated skirt, 875 GBP
Stella McCartney chemise, 415 EUR
Zara, $60
Stella mccartney handbag, 465 GBP
ROOTOTE travel bag, $32
Dorothy Perkins summer handbag, 14 GBP

Who needs a huge bank account when you have stores like Zara and Dorothy Perkins to rely on to get the designer style now. Also shoe designers like Jeffrey Campbell are even doing the fruity style!

Jeffrey campbellJeffrey campbell (clipped to polyvore.com) -- $150.00

Plum for Polly - jeffrey campbell fruitbowl wooden platform pump...
Plum for Polly - jeffrey campbell fruitbowl wooden platform pump... (clipped to polyvore.com) -- $140

What do you think of the fruity chic look? Would you wear fruit?

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  1. wow! thanks so much for your lovely comment!
    I think, I will check out these cool places, you wrote about and the mcQueen exhibition sounds great! :)
    Thanks for your tips!

    PS: the fruity pieces look so fun!
    There is also a fruity dress by primark, i think ;)

  2. Omg those pineapple shoes are INSANE! So cool! Glad to see this trend is finally hitting the mainstream, I'll def be picking something up!

  3. Those JCs are super rad and so perfect for summer...and i do love those affordable versions of Stella McCartney

  4. These are really good cheaper versions! Love that bag. x hivenn


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