June 3, 2011

Friend Friday: Summer Vacation

Well sadly I'm not really going on vacation this summer besides a weekend down at the shore with some friends and some day trips out to the beach. Other then that I really won't be packing my bags and going very far. I already had my mini vacation down in Miami. But I can still talk about it though, right?

Friend Friday: Summer Vacation

1. When it comes to packing for vacation what’s your mantra?

my bag from when the boy and I went to Lake George last Memorial Day Weekend

I'm an over packer so when it comes to packing I pack a whole bunch of different outfits. I like having choices. I usually take things that can go from day to night or be worn out on the beach but also on the streets. Things that are verstile are a must.

2. What are your must packs?My make up bag and the usual shampoo, conditioner, deoradant, etc.. I think this summer another must is also a maxi dress and/or skirt. They are really perfect for any situation.

3. What are you happy to leave behind?
My hair blow drier....

4. Any packing secrets that help you get everything into one suitcase?
The good thing about summer is that most clothes are light weight so there is less material to fold. The skimper the better??? Other then that, squeeze the sucker close!

5. Beach reading… what are you taking with you to read in the sand?
Hmmm I really need to find Kelly Cutrone's other book. I also want to read Tim Gunn's style book. Also some magazines. I would def love to hear what you guys are reading this summer!?!

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  1. Silent friend of many distances, feel
    how space dilates with each breath of yours.
    Among the rafters of dark belfries peal
    your own sweet tones. Your predators

    will grow strong upon such fare.
    Know transformation in its varied sign.
    Which experience produces most despair?
    If drinking offend, transform yourself to wine.

    Be, in this immensity of night,
    the magic force at your sense's crossroad;
    the purpose of their mysterious plan.

    And though you fade from earthly sight,
    declare to the silent earth: I flow.
    To the rushing water say: I am.


  2. your blog is so cute!:)
    if you want you'll be my follower..

  3. haha nothing wrong with still talking about your miami trip, I'm still talking about my asia trip too :D and I never bring a hair dryer either, I just use the crappy ones at hotels... meh, hair dryers are heavy and take up so much room!

  4. Oh my I could never leave my blowdryer behind !!! I hate the little ones in the hotel rooms, they take forever !!! I'm definitely an over packer too !

  5. hope you had a nice stay!

    xoxo from rome

  6. I go down to the shore on the weekends too but by my family so it's never really a "vacay." I enjoy leaving my blow drier behind too :)

  7. Sounds great!! No worries, I'm not going anywhere fun either.. Lol.

    My must-haves are eyeliner and a hair straightener! I never leave home without them- seriously! :)


  8. I agree, summer is always great because the clothes are so light! Oh and I hate shlepping a blow dryer around!!

    Love your blog!xx



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