June 23, 2011

Jonelle Maira Jewelry

pictures of some of my favorite Jonelle Maria jewerly

If you are looking for creative and beautiful jewelry from an up and coming designer then don't look much further. Jonelle Maira is a jewelry designer from Rochester, NY who first started selling her jewelry under Poison Apple back in 2003. She has now relaunched her 19070s inspired with a Southwest Navajo twist jewelry line under her name Jonelle Maria.

Say Hello to Jonelle Maira-

1. Where are you from? I'm from Rochester, NY. A city way upstate an hour and a half away from Toronto, Canada. Although, I Spent the better part of the last decade living in NYC and plan to move back there.

2. How did you get started in making your own jewelry? And how long have you been designing jewelry for? I started making jewelry in the fall of 2003 under the name Poison Apple. I had always been good at creating things with my hands and had an interest in jewelry making early on as a kid and it just grew from there. One day I realized that I should start selling the pieces that I was creating and so I made a website and took the first steps towards achieving my dream. I just recently made the decision to change the name of the company to my own name and re-launched the website with this new name http://www.jonellemaira.com/

3. When did you start selling your own pieces? September 2003

4. Where do you find most of your inspiration? Each time I create a collection I take into consideration what the current trends are and I work with the silhouettes of what's currently trendy and then I incorporate whatever is currently inspiring me in terms of materials, colors, patterns etc. My latest pieces have been inspired by the southwest, the 70's, navajo and aztec prints and geometry. Inspiration can come from anywhere though, a magazine, a blog, a great jewelry part that i've sourced, a dream, a thought....etc.

5. What accessory designers do you admire and love? lizzie fortunado, Dannijo, Tom binns, Made her Think, Anna Sheffield

Each of her pieces is more creative and beautiful then the next. She also has a few Web Exclusives (which means once their gone their gone) so make sure to check out her Web Exclusive page to see what limited edition pieces of jewelry she has. I mean come on everyone wants a one of a kind piece of jewelry!

Check out her website jonellemaira.com

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  1. thanks for sharing this.her jewelry are really beautiful and unique :)

  2. gorgeous jewelery! I especially love the feather bracelet. I bought a feather ring in SoHo recently :)

    thanks for your comment lovely!

    fashion is for idiots [like us]

    fashion is for idiots [like us]

  3. those earrings are really lovely, I like the dangly one with the bows and the lock the most!

  4. Awesome share! I love her pieces! (:

  5. I love those pieces and I love her look! She looks fab

    Live Life in Style

  6. Gorgeous pieces! thanks for sharing xx

    Oh and if you haven't already don't forget to enter my Lush Giveaway

  7. PS. I've linked your blog to mine :)

  8. we still havent heard from you!!! http://www.reachcouture.com/2011/06/may-2011-giveaway-winner-announcement.html#more


  9. Nice interview. I like the polka dot skirt you're wearing below


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