June 8, 2011

I'm Shattered


OPI Shattered that is. I tried the OPI Black shatter nail polish tonight and I think I'm addicted now! My left hand was pretty much a trail and my right hand came out WAY better but whatever now I know how it's done.

1. Pick a bottom coat. I did the Sinful Colors Your Touch (#363). It's an off-white pearl color.


2. Patience young one....wait for the nail polish to completely dry before applying the shatter nail polish.


3. Apply the shatter nail polish! Don't make my mistake...you can completely paint your nail and the nail polish will start to shatter. My first hand I was lightly doing it and it came out a little streaking instead of boxy like my right hand when I painted my nails like I would usually do.


Either way I really love this nail polish! I had out a whole bunch of colors before picking the Your Touch by Sinful Colors. Okay really I had my bf help me pick out my base color since I'm so indecisive!

Have you guys tried the shattered nail polish? Or will try it out?

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  1. lol girls really are on nail stuff ;P


  2. Love these! I don't think i'd spend extra for OPI though when barry m's is the same. x hivenn

  3. great love it

    check my oage

  4. So pretty!! I LOVE cracked polish! :)


  5. So everyone is doing this shatter trend, I guess I need to jump on the bandwagon too and do it because it looks really cool!

    Live Life in Style

  6. Awesome!! I love the colors you choose, i did a similar post but used Hot Pink http://www.fashiontres.com/2011/06/shattered.html - Blerona


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