October 7, 2010

Alexander McQueen Spring 2011

Photos from style.com

All I can say about this collection is O H M Y G O D. Thank you to Sarah Burton for keeping Alexander McQueen alive. She worked beside him for 15 years and thankfully she has the same vision as him. The one difference I did notice between Burton and McQueen is that Burton is a lot more body conscious. She knows the female body well, it also does help that she is a woman. These pieces are more body sculpted which gives it more a more feminine edge but she throws in the McQueen signature pieces like the tail coat. I agree with style.com's Tim Blanks "Burton also softened the staging, a concept that was always so critical to a McQueen show. Where his narratives were often dark, discomfiting things, she opted for a nurturing atmosphere: a pagan, Earth-Mother-ly spirit. " Even the clothing has a more softer feel to it. She opened the show with a white suit and then filled in the rest of the show with elements of nature. She does play up the McQueen hard edge with accessories like belts and sharp edges to the clothing themselves. Her work mixed with McQueen's vision works tremendously well.

There really isn't anything that I don't love about this collection. The dresses at the end of the collection are just mind numbing. The 4th to last dress shown here (#31 in the collection) reminds me of water and waves. The 3rd to last picture (#30 in the collection) has a very mother nature feel to it since she is wrapped in a flowered dress, literally. Something very sort of Eve from Adam and Eve, where all that is covering her body is leaves. This truly is a show stopper, breathe taken collection. Anyone who disagrees I will say they obviously don't understand fashion and they never understood McQueen. It's sad that he himself didn't create these pieces but I'm so glad there is someone out there who can continue his legacy. I'm sure Burton has done him proud.

To be honest I had a hard time posting this blog. Picking which pieces to post was really difficult. I don't want to post a whole collection here, I never want to take away from style.com, but this was really hard to pick out pieces that are worth showing since this collection is worth viewing. I mean every collection is worth viewing but this...this is just magical.

Do I have to ask....but I will anyway...What did you guys think of Burton's creation for Alexander McQueen Spring 2011 Collection?

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  1. I love the style of this brand, it's wonderful and always innovative!

  2. this was such an amazing collection! ilve it! :D

  3. AMAZING COLLECTION love the feathers..she did
    a wonderful job honoring a legend!



  4. awesome collection, one of the things I love about Alexander McQueen is that it has such a unique style, you can totally tell if a collection is from Alexander McQueen!

  5. i'm speechless. they're GORGEOUS. i love your blog, your posts are amazing! :) xo
    fashion_freak, editor of http://myfashionlustlist.blogspot.com


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