October 1, 2010

H&M 10 Days $10 Off

H&M is celebrating their 10 year anniversary of opening shop in the US. Can you believe they been in the US for a decade now? Well in order to celebrate they are having a special on an item each day of the week for 10 days. Each item will have $10 taken off it's original price. This all starts today with H&M's lace shoulder top originally priced at $14.95 which is now marked down to $4.95.

You can view the 10 Days $10 sale here. I'm def. going to have to go on Monday for their $9.95 Jean sale!
Thank you H&M!

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  1. WHAT?! I didn't know! I'm going right now. Thanks so much!


    November Grey

  2. pfff not living in the us :(

    but what an amazing offer :D



  3. Damnit, now you've forced me to go to H&M this weekend! Love today's shirt...


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