October 12, 2010

Outfit Post

Poncho, shirt, tights, and boots: H&M (once again everything H&M!)

PONCHO!!!! I finally got to wear my H&M poncho! It was cool enough for it, the weather has been either to hot or to cold today was just perfect. This outfit was just totally comfortable. Also liked I said yesterday most of my closet is filled with H&M stuff.

ALSO I got the photos from my cousin's wedding! I will share them with you tomorrow. Some of the pictures of my family are just ridic not like some of the photos of myself are any better! Got to love candid photos!!!

Anyway I hope everyone is having a good week so far! Tomorrow is hump day!!! Which means we will be half way to the weekend!

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  1. Poncho is quite a cool choise. Not as comfy as a jacket that's for sure. But it's almost classic (or IT is !) and it's good :)

  2. I love H&M)))
    Beautiful post!!!)))

  3. love the poncho. so jealous, no H&M here.



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