October 24, 2010

Outfit Post

Hat: Urban Outfitters
Leather Jacket: Michael Kors
Sweater: H&M
Leggings: Urban Outfitters

This is what I wore yesterday. Decided to dress up a bit to go grocery shopping and to make Pumpkin Whoopie Pies.

I hate Sundays because it means tomorrow is Monday which in return means work. I'm so lazy today. I woke up late, did my laundry, took a nap while watching the Eagles game, and now I have to go food shopping. Lazy lazy lazy.

In other news I can not wait for next Saturday! We are doing the Halloween thing and sticking around the bars in our neighborhood. The boy and I have decided to be Sea Shepherds (from the TV show Whale Wars) If you don't know what Sea Shepherds are they are group of environmental activities that go down to coast of Anterica to save the whales from being harpooned by the Japanese. You can read more about these here: Sea Shepherd.org. We are making our costumers from scratch really we are just making the t-shirts from scratch everything else we are pulling together from our closet and what not. Even though I'm going to sexy up the costume since well they are on a boat down in the Antartica I mean they usually wear bulky clothing but I'm going to wear my faux leather shorts with fishnets, boots, black knit hat, and my leather jacket. I do however need to buy some combat boots I did see a pair on forever21s website that I like that I might to go see if I can find! What are you doing for Halloween?

Hope everyone had a great weekend!

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