October 25, 2010

Inspirational Monday: The Runaways

On Saturday Night I watched the Runways with the boy. I'm in love with this movie and in love with Dakota Fanning. She has grown into such a beautiful woman and an amazing actress. Her portral of Cheri Currie was phenominal. You can sense all of her emotions and you take that downward spiral with her. Kristin Stwert did a good job of potraying Joan Jett. Her I don't give a f**k attitude and clothing really rocked it. I loved this movie beyound just the acting. I always wished I grew up in the 1970s and early 1980s. I would have been one bad ass punkster. I remember in high school going to CBGBs for the first time to see a friend's band play there. As soon as you walked into that place you felt the grimeness of it, the dirt, the history, it was punk rock to a T. It really makes me sad that they had to close the place down because of the rent. The Bowery is def. not the same dirty creepy Bowery that it use to be. It's hella posh now with it's grand hotels, condos, and resturants. The Bowery was nothing like that even when I was in high school. Walking to CBGB's at night was creepy and dark. Going south of St. Mark's place at night was not that much fun. CBGB's is one of the many concert halls that has closed, changed, or relocated since I've been out of high school. I spent most of my high school nights and weekends going to concerts. Sundays during the day the Continental use to have all ages shows and my friend's band played quit a few of those. My best friend and I saw bands like Kevin Devine, All Time Low, From First to Last, and LOTS of other bands there. They now no longer hold shows and is just a bar in St. Mark's Place. The Knitting Factory was another place that we spent a lot of time at which is now relocated in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The Rosaland Ballroom use to have TONS of shows they still have concerts there but not as much as when we were sophmores in high school. Music has always been a huge part of me and I miss my concert going days.

Besides this movie being nostaglic to me and wishing I grew up back then. The fashion killed it in this movie. Whoever styled for this movie was dead on. I loved everything Cheri Currie (Dakota Fanning) wore. From the sequin tops, to the jumpers, to the demin on demin everything was spot on. I also totally love the scene where she's at her high school talent show and she lip sings to David Bowie dressed up as David Bowie! There was a poll of IFB where someone asked if music influneced their fashion. I was surprised to see that a couple of people said David Bowie influnces them. It surprised me in a good way and reminded me of this scene.
I also loved Joan Jett's (Kristen Stwert) DIY style. Which totally matched Joan Jett's I don't give-a-f**k about what you think attitude.
All photos from Fanpop.com

This movie is a real fashion inspiration esp. since I've really been feeling the 1970s vibe lately. I put together in inspiration to the movie.

The Runaways

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Have you guys seen this movie? If so what did you think of it? If not will you?

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  1. LOVED this movie! It was so freaking good! I sometimes go around singing, "Hello world, I'm you're wild child! Hello dad, hello mom, I'm your ch-ch-ch-cherry bomb!" No one gets it.

  2. recently watched this movie, too. I've always been a big fan of joan jett's music and style, and have always been grateful for her unique, tough-as-balls influence in the world of rock. I grew up in the 70's-80's and still remember wearing bandanas tied around my neck, tight jeans with converse low tops. just like joan jett. thanks for homage to the runaways!!


  3. I LOVE Dakota Fanning, she is fab in every movie I've seen her in and she is so classy compare to other girls her age. I want to see this!

  4. Wow, I have got to see this movie...I wish I had grown up back then too, especially when I see movies like Across the Universe and this one!



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