October 6, 2010

Steal the Style for Less: Fall 2010 Sweaters and Skirts

Fall is now in full swing. Sweaters and trench coats have now been broken out from the closets. This season one of my favorite trends is the long skirt with the sweater on top. Sweaters are the ultimate fall and winter essential but now so is the full length and knee length skirts. This trend is work friendly and fashionable. Sweaters and skirts are such a natural pairing, glad to have seen it on the runways. Fall 2010 collections such as Louis Vuitton, Chloe, and Prada showed cased this trend in their Ready to Wear Fall line.

Fall 2010

Thanks to these designers for making the long skirt sexy. For us working woman we can't always get away with the mini's at work. I know for me that sometimes when I wear longer skirts I feel like a grandma. We all want to show case our legs every now and then but thanks to designers like Marc Jacobs, they gave us a whole new look at sexy for Fall 2010. It's the new 1950s, modern and sexy. But for many of us we can not afford such amazing designer clothes. Thankfully stores like H&M and Forever21 and online stores like ASOS we can get looks that are similar in style but for much less.

Fall 2010 Sweaters
Outfits from left to right: 1. American Eagle Boatneck Sweater: $29.95 - ae.com; H&M Skirt: $20.33 hm.com; We Who See Victorian Lace-Up Boot: $78 - urbanoutfitters.com; 2. Tall Cable Knit Jumper: $100 - topshop.com; Long Flared Skirt: $79.90 zara.com; Platform Court Shoe with Trim: $89.90 zara.com; 3. Knitted Cable Jumper: $100 - topshop.com; High Waisted Layer Skirt: $79.90 zara.com; Forever21 Ballroom Inspired Shoes: $24.80 - forever21.com; 4. Knitted Short Cable Jumper: $80 - topshop.com; Jersey Knit Maxi Skirt: $23 - forever21.com; Forever21 Wedge Booties: $25.80 forever21.com

I love Zara. Yes sometimes their clothing is pricey but for some of their clothing its reasonable and comparative to H&M. When it comes down to it when the prices are similar to H&Ms I'll go with Zara. Their materials are better in quality then H&M. Not saying that I don't love H&M, I would say 90% of my closet is probably now H&M. And yes H&M has lowered their prices on many things but some of their clothing is to expensive for the materials that they use. Anyway, Zara's two passed the knee length skirts body faltering and beautiful. They can be easily paired up with cable knit sweaters like the Topshop Knitted Cable Jumper ($100).

For something more in length try the maxi skirt from Forever21 ($23). These maxi skirts can be worn with so many different things: camis, button down tops, sweaters, etc. They can be easily dressed up or dressed down. One of my favorite things to see with maxi skirts are wedged shoes like the Forever21 Wedge Booties ($25.80).

Oxfords, loafers, and pumps are the typical shoes that would get paired with this look. Try a loafer or an oxford with a heel like those from Urban Outfitters ($78) and Forever21 Ballroom Inspired shoes ($24.80).

Lucky for many of us we have those cable knits and sweaters hiding in the back of the closet and we have knee length skirts that only come out to play during the winter. Why not play with what you have already. Today I broke out the knee length H&M skirt that I bought a year or so ago and my H&M sweater that I bought last winter. I paired them up with my newly bought Zara shoes and H&M braided belt. Trying new things with old stuff is always fun. It's always looks like its new when tried a new way.

What do you guys think of this trend?

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  1. I personally love longer skirts, for the same reason you mentioned, work and sitting down in public transit and stuff, but I am not much of a fan of the mid calf lengths as I really have noticed they hit your legs in it's thickest point and give quite a unwelcome look, unless you are wearing them with high heels, which I unfortunately can't.

    Have you noticed this?

    Love from Toronto, Canada

  2. i want you to style my in a chunky knit and some d&g sweatpants haha

  3. LOVE this ladylike trend with the long skirts and neutral tones!!
    great post!!





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