October 25, 2010

Things That I Loved this Week 10/18/10 - 10/24/10

Sorry I'm falling behind on this!!! I will call this Things the I Loved LAST Week...and will run it to 10/24 which was yesterday, Sunday.

On Thursday I went to a sample sale for Free People, French Connection, Milly, Vakko, Just A Cheap Shirt, and a few others. The best advice I can give for going to sample sales to hold out on go until the last day or so because they usually slash the prices lower. Yes you might miss out some stuff but as I have learned sometimes waiting is even better. Thursday was the last day of the Sample Sale and there was still a good selection and Free people stuff was lowered from 65% off to 75% off. French Connection jeans were then $28 or 2 for $58. These are steals! I had picked a long sleeve shirt and a long sweater jacket from Free People's fall 2010 collection. The shirt was originally $58 but I got it for $15 and the sweater was originally $228 and got it for $58! I got these awesome throw back tailored high waist flared jeans for $28 from French Connection. Makes me wish I picked up 2! So here are my things that I loved LAST week:

1. Hello 1970's Sweater Free People Sweater $228

Okay so the model must be wearing a small or extra small because I'm probably shorter then her and I probably have bit wider frame then her...I bought this same sweater in a Large and the sleeves are much longer (which I love) and it's down past my knees (which I love). Whatever the case I probably would not have liked this so much if I just saw it online. It really isn't anything special online and I wish they would have given her a large to show how long this actually is. It has a great 1970s feel to it esp. because of the print and the little fringes around it. Pair it up with the flared jeans I'm throwing it back to the 70s and feeling like a hippy! I also love that I bought this for $58 and it's still online for $228. I did a outift post of this last week.

2. The Runaways

Saturday night the boy and I watched the Runaways with Dakota Fanning and Kristen Stewart. To be honest I'm not a Kristen Stewart fan but she played a really good Joan Jett, her acting skills sort of kicked in. Dakota Fanning....she blew my mind. She was beautiful and amazing! It's so crazy how grown up she is. She also at times reminded me of Lindsay Lohan not the way she acted but the way she looked. It must have been the make-up, blond hair, and her drug/alcohol addiction.

Anyway, I loved this movie. If you are a punk rock fan, if you ever wished you grew up in the late 1970s early 1980s to be around when CBGBs was the place to be at you should watch this movie. Plus the fashion in this was incredible. Who ever styled for this movie did a fantastic job. I loved all of Cheri Currie's (Dakota Fanning) clothing. Lots of sequins, flared jeans, and even jean on jean action! Even Joan Jett's I don't give-a- F**K clothing was great. Esp. when she made her own Sex Pistols shirt. The clothing in this movie was inspirational, maybe not their actions such as the drug abuse and alcohol abuse but clothing hell yes.

Photos from imbd.com

3. Bregje Heinen for Flair November
Fashion Canvas posted these from fashiongonerogue and they are absolutely breath taken! From the clothing to the scenery! The models face in these photos are just so strong and stunning. I love the American Indian feel these photos.

4. Zara Magazine Issue 2

I love that red is playing a big roll this fall. Red gives the perfect POP of color in any outfit esp. in fall and winter when we all tend to wear darker colors. It's also a easy color to pair clothing with. I'm loving the Zara cashmere red sweater with the high waist pants.

5. Lavin Loves H&M Preview

We are getting closer and closer. I'm loving the teasers that H&M keeps dropping! I just can't wait to see the full line!

Anything you guys really love?

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  1. i went to an Native American store this weekend and feel in LOVE with all the garb! - there was a steer head their coverd with turquoise i'm STILL dreaming about - i hope it's their next time i can make it to that store!

    *kiss kiss*
    PS - love for you to stop by and :
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  2. Hi there :) cool blog, nice pictures!
    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! I love getting those nice comments! I dont know if we already follow each other? If not, what about following each other? Would be really nice, have a nice week!



  3. oh my Dakota Fanning is SO amazing! and unlike other teenage stars her age she carries CLASS! also can't wait for Lavin's collection at H&M :)

  4. i wanna watch the runaways really badly now!


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