October 15, 2010

Things that I Loved This Week: 10/11/10 - 10/15/10

1. FOREVER21 Faux Fur and Leather makes me PURRRRRRRR

Faux Fur Leopard Vest w/ Belt $29.80 and Leatherette Hotpants $15.80

O FOREVER21 you make my heart melt. FOREVER21 for fall has a whole line of faux fur jackets and vest along with faux leather shorts, leggings, jackets, etc. I'm head over heels in love with this vest and those shorts (so in love that I actually went to Forever21 down in SoHo to look for them...only came out with the shorts...) The shorts of course are pleather material but I feel like even if I bought a good pair like the ones from Topshop I wouldn't wear them as often for the money that I would spend on them. Since at least with the fur vest I could get away with styling it for work leather short maybe with tights I could possibly get away with but I don't know if I'd feeling comfortable with that in a work environment. I feel so grown up now because I try to buy things that I can wear on the weekends and for work. I need duo purpose in my life. Anyway if I would have found the faux leopard print vest it would have gone perfectly with the shorts. SHUCKS! I'm also love the FOREVER 21Faux Fur Cheetah Print Coat ($39.80). It reminds me of the faux leopard print jacket that I passed up buying last winter at H&M. They did however have this but I'm still holding out for the vest I'm hoping the Forever21 on 42nd st. might have it!

2. Maxi Out

Scoop Back Maxi Dress $55

I also got into this thing about maxi dresses and how I need a simple one for the fall. In my search last night for the perfect fall bag and my Forever21 picks I thought maxi dress. I also figured if I were to find the faux fur vest how perfect it would be to go with a maxi dress. Well of course now that I'm in the hunt for one I can't seem to find the perfect one until I laid eyes on the Topshop Scoop Back Maxi Dress. I will admit the dress online doesn't do it justice. Actually, online it makes it look rather frumpy. Well either way I didn't but this because it comes back down to the duo purpose. The back would to be low to wear to work and I would always needs something over it to cover it up. Also I have this weird thing about my back being exposed, I bought this dress over the spring that has open and has bows in the back but I've only worn it once. UGH. Anyway, of course H&M (which we all know by now that owns my closet) has striped maxi dresses. I saw one last week passed it up...saw one last night but there was one left and a size 2! Well I haven't been a size 2 since....beginning of High School. Well my hunt continues for a simple maxi dress.

3. Aldo

Aldo BRISSEY Knee High Boots: $180

So another article of clothing that I found during my shopping adventure last night were these Aldo knee high boots. This girl was trying these on and another pair, can I just say I feel in love with them. I just wish I can squeeze these into my budget. For this fall what it comes down to is a new fall bag, cape coat, or shoes...And I'm leaning towards a new fall bag (the one I currently have is slowly falling apart and it makes me sad). But these boots are just beautiful and can be so easily styled!

Is there anything that you saw this week that you totally love?

HAPPY FRIDAY! Hope everyone has some awesome plans for the weekend! I'm def. excited for this weekend. Tonight will consist of lounging around with the boy, watching some movies and drinking some wine! Tomorrow me and the boy are going pumpkin picking then tomorrow night we are going to the Devils hockey game. I have been looking forward to going pumpkin picking ever since I found out about this fall festival! Then Sunday will consist of laundry, food shopping, and watching football (GO NY GIANTS!).

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  1. ohh forever 21 is one of my fav stores, and faux fur is always nice for fall and winter :D

  2. Those boots perfectly match the hiking boots trend. I just featured some of the newest hiking boots (for the fashionistas) on my page. I am in LOVE with the Tory Burches. These Aldo ones would look adorable with a black skirt.


  3. forever 21 is such a great place for inexpensive items!

  4. Those boots are awesome! I love that they are industrial looking but still have a bit of the feel of classic riding boots. But what I love EVEN more is that they are a lace up boot that doesn't have fringe on it!

    I just want to say a HUGE thank you for post them... as they might finally be a cute pair of boots that will fit these monster calves of mine.

  5. all of these are amazing!!!



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