October 15, 2010

Outfit Post: Wedding Bells

Dress: H&M
Shoes: Payless
Necklace: Claire's
Rings: Claire's and Forever21

Like I promised pictures that were from my cousin's wedding back in August. These pictures were taken by the photographers at his wedding they are from the Christian Oth Studio. There are some other photos but ummm they were candid shots like these but some were unflattering. Esp. as the night went on. I really love the 1st photo of my boyfriend and I. I really want to buy it but he think he looks like a dork (which he is) hahaha. Btw don't mind the magnify glasses in the corner I had to print screen them in order to save them on my comp.

Btw if you are a member of lookbook hype my look:


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  1. I like your pictures as they living and emotional, and you are very much likable me, thank you to you that you are!!!))) it was pleasantly me will meet you!!!))) it is nice!!!

  2. loveee! very pretty and looks like you are having fun. i found you on ifb! check my blog out!


    i love your blog, want to xchange followings? xoxo

  3. Fans are so girlie and proper. Love the ones you have.

  4. omg i LOVE that picture of you an your bf too. tell him that he looks adorable and the funny face he is making definitely adds to his charm! you look stunning girl. i especially love the first full length of you. wows!!

    Vogue Gone Rogue


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