October 12, 2010

Kori Richardson for Marie Claire Italia

I love these photos of Kori Richardson. The stylist did a great up with the femine clothing against the different backgrounds. I absouletly adore the first photo. The pose and the clothing totally just make the shot. I also freaking LOVE the leopard print wall paper in the second photo. If I could I wall paper a wall in my apt with leopard print but I think my boyfriend would want no part of that. The photo of her in the door way is very Alice in Wonderland. She looks to big for a small space and looks like her dress is to small for her long body. Clever photography and use of clothing.
What do you guys think of these photos?

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  1. Gorgeous of course! I love it :)))))



  2. Love it! Such a great editorial and perfect styling!


  3. I agree, everything about the first photo is stunning. And leopard wallpaper? Amazing!
    They're all gorgeous though - and I was thinking Alice in Wonderland too when I saw the third shot. Kori Richardson is so beautiful! x

  4. I want to read your confessions my dear too. Everyone is free to write and let us followers know your little fashion secrets or non-fashion related .

    Can't wait to read yours.



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