August 7, 2011

Arrojo Hair Experience

Last week I truly had an opportunity of lifetime! I was asked a few weeks back if I would like to be part of a project that Nick Arrojo is doing for his 10th Year Anniversary of his studio, Arrojo Studio, down in Tribeca. Taken part in this meant getting my hair done by his well trained staff, my make-up done, and a photo session that then will be placed on the wall in the salon for 10th Year Anniversary Celebration and will also be featured in a book that comes in the fall! How can a girl say no to this?! Free hair, free make-up, and a chance for my photo to be in a book along side famous celebrities Nick Arrojo has worked with? Sign me up!

I can not begin to explain how the whole day felt. It actually felt great to be pampered like that especially after have spending two days in the hospital with my mom and dad (my dad had a total hip replacement surgery). It all just felt unreal. Arrojo Studio is nothing like I have ever been too. I was amazed by how big it was and that they had a cafe in the back! I was literally floored by the cafe in the back. Everyone that worked there was beautiful and tattooed...ok almost everyone was tattooed but everyone was pretty beautiful. The studio is broken into two areas...the color area and the cutting area. Since I've been trying to grow out my hair I didn't want any crazy cut and since this was free (and these opportunities only come around so often) I decided to go "wild" with my hair color.  The hair colorist I had was such a sweet heart and knows how to color hair! Her name is Ashley, she's originally from Michigan but grew up down in Florida. She has been with Arrojo team since 2007. When asked what I wanted to do with my hair I told her I wanted to go dark and automatically she knew what I meant. She pulled out some hair samples and showed me where she wanted to go with it. It was everything I have imagined and MORE. She went with a darker richer color but she added a pop of color by going a little red. When I saw my hair color afterwards I just couldn't believe that it was me. Honestly, I love the hair stylist that I had before but this was the best color job I have ever had. It's no surprise why Nick's studio is the way it is and why he make them work hard to achieve this level (you have to be apprentice for a year or 2 before even getting a chance to make it on the floor to begin working...there is also a cosmetology school attached to the studio!).

Finally after getting my hair colored it was off to get it cut. I had the cutest hair stylist, Lee. She had this rocker pixie cut but had such a sweet voice. She's from Forth Worth, Texas, but doesn't have a southern draw, and has been with the Arrojo team for about 5 years now. I had asked her to keep my length as much as possible and she told me that she would do Swing Layers on me. She cut the bottom layers shorter but left the top layers longer, "it creates space and allows movement while maintaing her [my] length." I was just amazed by how she cut my hair and so was the guy sitting across from me. He just kept saying how great my hair looked (he ended up running into us after my hair cut while I waited to get my make-up done and he was just like you're hair looks really great! He couldn't believe how she just cut my hair using a razor, Andrew Arrojo then explained how hair cutters aren't allowed to cut with a razor in the studio until they master how to cut all hair cuts and pass a test using a scissor. Like I said this is why these stylist are so good at what they do.) Lee then had Julie (another fashionable stylist, she dressed in 1950s style) blow dry my hair out just using a flat brush.

Only about 2...okay 3....hours later it was make-up time. This was my first time ever getting my make-up professionally applied! Liz is their only make-up girl who is pint size but damn does she know her make-up. She did neutral eyes on me and red lipstick (my favorite!!).

I wish I could share the shots from the photo shoot after...or even knew what the shots looked like after the photo shoot (can't wait to see what the choose!!). All these amazing photos were taken photographer by David Ducane.

I have held out washing my hair (EW DIRTY! But lets be honest how many of us hold out as long as possible washing our hair after getting it done!) but tonight I'm excited to use my new Arrojo styling products:Hair Creme, Set & Style Spray, and Hydro Mist. Here's to hoping I can pull off a similar look. 

I'm def. coming back to Arrojo from now on! This has been the best hair experience ever!


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  1. OMG. That's so wildly exciting, how awesome for you :D I love the shot at the end, the eye makeup choice is very good, I can't wait to see the actual results of the shoot :)

  2. Your makeup artist's nails are amazing, first of all.
    Secondly, you are so lucky to have scored such an awesome opportunity!!! Not going to lie -- Totally jealous of you right now.
    I am happy that you took pictures to share on your blog with us!
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  3. omg!!!!!!!!!!!! i so want to get my hair done now! thinking about getting highlights for myself...

  4. I love your final hair style and color! can't wait to see the pics from the shoot dear!

  5. You look so more gorgeous in your hair and you in your make-up. I wanna see more photos of you.


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