August 30, 2011

IFB Homework: Evolution of Fashion Media

This week IFB's Homework is all about what fashion blogs, magazine, websites that we read and check out on a daily basis. Its funny to see how fashion media has changed and even my own websites have changed. I remember using Myspace and Buzznet more like a fashion website (mosting pictures of myself). I think Audrey Kitchen and Hanna Beth were the ones to first really get me into nonstop self portraits. Then I ran across Fashiontoast's blog and thats when the game plan changed. It's funny to see yourself go from different sources and it's funny to watch everyone (not only readers but companies as well) switch gears as well.

Today my top 10 blogs, magazines, websites, etc (in no order) are:

1. Vogue. Who doesn't love Vogue? I grew up reading Vogue with my mom. Thanks to her and this magazine for sparking my interest in fashion. I always looked forward every month sitting with my mom and reading the newest issue. It was a fun bonding time point out stuff that we both liked. I will always remember my mom ripping out editorials and ads of things she loved and tacing them up on her wall for her source of fashion inspiration.

2. Nylon Magazine. Nylon magazine is one of my favorite fashion magazines because it's demographic is for the younger fashionistas. My age group and young. I like the young, hip, funky vibe that this magazine has. Also I like that it's not full of designer names, that they use independent designers as well as lower end names like H&M. I get a lot of my own outfit ideas from Nylon. They just make their editorials seem more real....and do able.

3. Fashiontoast. I'm not sure how I ever came across Rumi Neely's blog but this was my first fashion blog that I came across. She pretty much inspired me to start my fashion blog. Knowing that a fashion blog can be successful definitely was inspiring. Plus I she has a great sense of style, even if I can't afford half the clothing she wears.

4. Late Afternoon. I love Liz's sense of style and that she mixes high end with low end. I discovered her through since she is also a model and now works for their website.

5. Lauren Conrad's website is so refreshing, it stands out from the clutter of fashion sites. It's nice to have a beauty website that gives really great make-up and hair tips. I especially enjoy the tutorials. It feels like your girlfriends giving you helpful tips. I do like to try or make my own adaptation of their hair tricks since my hair is a medium length and I can't do longer looks. Her website has inspired me to do so beauty tips. I think a lot of girls with medium length hair like me feel stuck and don't feel like they can do much with it. I figured if I can figure out my own adaptation of it why not share it on my blog?

 6. Refinery29. I enjoy Refinery29 for their youthful approach to fashion. I love that it's like a online magazine but it's more like a blog. I also enjoy their tutorials as well.

7. Elle. This is another magazine I have always read: Elle, MarieClaire, Allure, and Cosmopolitan were the magazines to read. Yes even as a teenager I read Cosmo...and Cosmogirl (is that mag still around?). ...and Seventeen. I still pick up VogueTeen every now and then. But Elle has really evolved and has become another stable in my magazine buying. While MarieClaire and Allure are the magazines I'll pick up if there is someone of interested on the cover and Cosmo only when I'm sitting in B&N flipping through mags. I don't find Cosmo appealing to me as much as I use to. Not like it was esp. in college. You really mean something if you have last this long in my magazine reading.

9. W. Another magazine that I grew up reading with my mom. Like Vogue it's a fashion magazine that is iconic. It's one that every fashionista needs to read. I get a lot of inpiration from these editorials.

10. Okay who doesn't live on when it's fashion week season. is the source to find what the latest trends are, always good to review what happened on the runway. It's a good place to refresh yourself.

Besides reading material and the likes I love watching shows like Project Runway and America's Next Top Model. Besides all the drama I love see the end product. It's also amazing to see something from start to finish. Both shows are inspiring in its own way. Like ANT inspires me to take better outfit photos...makes me want to "model" and Project Runway inspires my DIY projects.

How about you guys? What are your favorite fashion sources?

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  1. I actually don't think I look at a lot of online stuff outside of blogs!
    Shasie of Live Life in Style

  2. very inspiring list

    love your blog too:)

    best wishes from istanbul

  3. Awesome top 10 :)

  4. Hi, yes I love the gorgeous glossy fashion magazines with sweet scented fashion spreads,
    I especially crave for the Italian Marieclare and Elle additions as I am addicted to those
    magazines publication aroma, love to snuggle in close.


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