August 26, 2011

Visual Friend Friday: Up Close and Personal

This Friday's Visual Friend Friday is brought to us by Ashley Getting Dressed. We are getting up close and personal with our favorite items! And I'm choosing two of my new items that I just added to my wardrobe.

One of my new favorite additions are my Jeffrey Campbell's Glitter Loafers that I picked up from the LF Store Sale of the Season. I had first I'd these bad boys at the beginning of the season when I was in the store. I held off on getting them since they were originally $110. The thought that ran through my mind was "wait till the sale of the season maybe you'll get lucky....again." So I waited and I was right I TOTALLY got lucky. I ended up buying them for $44! Anyway enough about the sale. Why I love them? THEY ARE GLITTER! GLITTER SPARKLY GLITTER! What is more girly and glamorous then glitter?! I really loved these shoes because they are practical. Much more piratical then the glitter Lita's. I can wear these loafers to work without getting total strange looks or standing out to much. Also the fact that they are flat and you can easily run around the city in them is nice. I felt like I would get more wear out of them them I would have the Lita's I also tried on.

I love them for the shape. I love the shape around the top of the foot. It isn't just round but has a nice curve to it. It also has a strip of glitter inside the shoe! What a nice hint of surprise.

Addition number Alexander Wang Rocco Mini Duffle Bag look alike. Okay okay okay I am NOT one to buy knock offs or replicas but lets be honest here....there is NO WAY that I am buying a bag that cost as much as the rent that I least my half...(no I'm not kidding). Right now I am not in the financial state to buy such an amazing bag. And believe me I still want the real thing...but when I came across this bag on ebay I had to...$40 vs. $875....well $40 it is. It looks JUST like it! Studds check, mini duffle size check, has the handles check, the seams in the front check, and the side pockets check. CHECK AND MATE!

Okay so this is definitely my first replica bag....and hopefully my last. Maybe one day I'll own the real thing....*slips into a day dream*

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  1. Ooh - I love the bottom of the bag! Kinda looks like it could double as a torture device.

  2. I think it looks fantastic for a replica bag! And the shoes are super fun!

  3. hehe I'm glad several of us are posting our great deals :) Love the shape of those loafers!

  4. Those loafers are too cute! <3 Them

  5. Gasp! Those Jeffrey Campbells are wonderful! I am thinking about buying a similar style ('elegant stud'), that is covered in spikes and studs. I'm loving all of the JC loafers right now!

  6. I'm the same way.. when I REALLY want something I compare it to my rent!! If it's the same amount I usually pass it up haha. I LOVE those glittery flats though, so perfect for fall!


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