August 23, 2011

IFB Homework: Blogger Tool Kit

There are somethings I always carry with me and then there are somethings that I carry with me that are for special blogging occasions. With Fashion Week on it's way here is my Blogger Tool Kit:

Blogger Survivall Kit

1. Macbook. If you plan on attending ANY fashion shows at Lincoln Center(especially if you are attending a lot of shows in one day) bring your laptop. You want to be able to do a post as soon as the show is over. Be unique and use your own voice, snap your own pictures, write down what you say (or didn't see depending where you are sitting). But making an update as soon as possible is key. Don't forget to bring your charger! Also carry you bag in style, my laptop slip of choice is the Marc By Marc Jacobs laptop case.

2.  Blackberry (or Iphone...or whatever phone you have). Don't forget your phone, you want to stay connected but don't twitter through out the show. Save your updates after the show but do take pictures with your phone. You want to be able to enjoy where you are so don't spend the whole time typing. Also pack your charger if you are out all day or  if you know your phone battery doesn't last very long.

3. Camera. Whatever camera you have take it. Point and shoot or a DSR don't matter take your camera so you can have your shots. Remember to pick the best looking ones and to do some editing for your blog post. Do bring your charger or extra batteries.

4. Business Cards. You are your business. There are so many people at different events and you want to connect to as many as possible. In order to get yourself out there you need business cards. Don't be afraid to swap cards!

5. Notebook and Pens. Don't be afraid to whip out a pad and pen to take notes at a fashion show. Write down key words or themes that you see. These key words and written themes will be important to write a through post. Plus, writing is a lot faster then trying to type on a phone.

6. Quick Make-up. Weather you are going to an event after work or spending all day at Lincoln Center some make-up essentials are key to have. Yours might vary but whatever you think you need take with you. There's nothing like cleaning up your make-up after a long day. I freshen up my eyeliner and lipstick so I make sure to have that packed at all times.

7. Big Bag. You need a big enough bag to carry all of this around. You don't need a backpack but stores like H&M sell perfect chic and cheap shopper bags that will hold your tool kit.

Also remember to smell good. Which means pack some gum or breath mints and a mini bottle of perfume. You don't want to be remembered as the smelly girly! 

As don't forget to pack a smile and some fun!

PS those who will be in NYC for NYFW there is a Blogger Night Out event on Friday Sept. 9. Click the picture below to find out more info!

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  1. love the tips!! and thanks for sharing about the bloggers night out!!!! i wouldn't have known!!!

  2. Forgot the "big bag" on my own kit! Can't live without one! :) And yes, smelling good is important! :)

  3. haha, great tips! I'd love to own a macbook, they're the best laptops..


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