August 24, 2011

Steal the Fall Trend for Less: Seeing Spots

It's that time of year where we start to look forward to the next season. You can slowly start to feel the fall air rolling in, especially in the mornings when it dips down to the early to mid 60s. The magazine editorials have swapped out those spring/summer fashion for fall/winter clothing. This is where we start to long for the cooler days and nights so we can start to pull off our favorite trends. This is also when we start shopping for those big trends.

This fall you will be seeing lots of spots. Don't worry no need to go to the eye doctor. Polka dots were a huge trend up and down the runway for Fall 2011. We are talking all sizes of polka dots from small to large to different styles ultra feminine to menswear inspired. Designer Marc Jacobs line was full of spots and a lot of spot on spot action.

Marc Jacobs Menswear Inspired Spots

Marc Jacobs Polka Dots

TopShop extra long sleeve shirt, $56
polka dot jacket, $116
River Island black hosiery, £8
ASOS wedge heel boots, $78
Animal print jewelry, $23
Polka Dot Skirt, $18

Marc Jacobs runway was filled with well suited woman look fashionable for work. To steal his look for less the MUST HAVES are a polka dotted blazer and pencil (or bodycon) skirt. To pair the two up like Jacobs still with the same sized polka dots, if possible also do two different colors (dark blue and black work best). If not black on black always work. Stick with a basic oxford t-shirt like the Topshop White Oxford Collar Shirt ($56). Basic pieces like the oxford shirt come in handy for any occasion and are definitely worth investing in. To really pull the whole look of do a bigger printed polka dotted tights like the River Island Polka Dotted Tights ($13). This tights aren't only good for this look but will give your shorts a fun flirty look for the winter. Don't forget to accessorize! Use a chunky beaded (or wooden beaded) necklace. If you are doing dark colors try to keep the necklace as dark as possible. Black shoes and socks top off this whole look.

Vena Cava Anytime Polka Dotted Dress

Vena Cava Polka Dots

H M flared dress, £25
Zara patent leather shoes, $80
A N A metal necklace, $16
Monsoon beret hat, £10
Guerlain 'Ecrin 4 Couleurs' Eyeshadow Palette 02 Les Bleus One Size, $59

A dress that can go from day to night is key....a dress that is in trend that can go from day to night is PRIMO. Vena Cava did a take on the little black dress but with polka dots. This dress is not only versatile but is also timeless...something that every woman needs. Most of us don't have pockets deep enough to afford such a beautiful dress...but that's where H&M's Polka Dotted dress ($41) comes into play. This dress has a deep v-neck but has a hint of lace to cover up. This dress has sex appeal but not to much since  this dress is still total work aappropriate . To  recreate the look you must have the right accessories: beret, gold metal plated necklace, and Mary Jane heels. The look is French cafe chic. For edginess that Cava created, go with a metallic eye. Guerlain 'Écrin 4 Couleurs' Eyeshadow Palette ($59) will help you recreate your own smokey metallic eyes. Try the 02 Les Blues or the 05 Les Gris. These palettes can be found at Nordstorm.

Gucci Femininity in Polka Dots

Gucci Polka Dots

Polka dot top, £4.99
Floor length skirt, £18
Maryjane shoes, $35
Wet Seal animal print sunglasses, $7.50
Estée Lauder Pure Colour Lipstick Red Velvet, £19

Sexy, sheer, and.....polka dots? Polka dots aren't for little girls anymore...or the 1950s. Gucci has reinvented the sexy polka dotted dress. Sheer with a menswear twist to it. This dress without a doubt is absolutely stunning...jaw dropping...glamorous...Okay I can go on and on. But seriously this dress *drool worthy*. Us normal woman don't walk a red carpet everyday and most of us barely ever really wear anything that is sheer. So why drop thousands on a beautiful dress that you might only wear once when you can recreate the look using separates. The idea of creating a look using separates is great because you can use the different pieces in lots of different outfits and in lots of different ways. The KEY to this outfit is the sheer skirt. The Axparis Polka Dotted Black Skirt ($30) is perfect for this whole look (the only problem is that it is on sale right now and only has limited sizes left BUMMER!). Don't worry there is a back up Forever21 Maxi Polka Dot Skirt. It comes in a rust color with cream dots. If you aren't keen on the idea of dressing all in rust do a cream polka dotted top. The important points about the top has to be: polka dotted and collared (a total win if it already comes with it's own tie like the Dressrail Polka Dotted Shirt ($25). To complete the look top it all off with red lipstick, solid sunglasses, and high heel mary janes.

Paul Smith Geekifed in Polka Dots

Paul Smith Polka Dots

Gerry Weber blue shirt, £75
Izod vintage cardigan, $30
H M double breasted coat, £30
Forever21 tapered pants, $20
Black cotton socks, $8
ASOS short heels, $52
Urban Outfitters oversized sunglasses, $14
Leather belt, $15

Get ready to get geekifed this fall. Those big clear glasses aren't going anywhere. Once were for nerds, then for hipsters, and now....for the fashionistas? Yes that's right gals those big dorky glasses are so in style. Paul Smith is bringing geeky back *to the tune of sexy back*. Don't worry you'll still look good. Take some key pointers from Paul Smith. Get a pair of polka dotted pants like the Forever21 Polka Dot Trouser w/ Belt ($20). Pair the whole look up with a chambray shirt, a cardigan, and a trench coat. Loafers will give it the whole boyish look. Mess your hair-up and VIOLA! you got the Paul Smith Runway look!

Are any of you ladies going to try the polka dotted look? Do you have enough courage to rock the polka dots on polka dots?

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