August 19, 2011

FBFF: Life's Goals

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Friend Friday: Life's Goals 

1. Fess up - if you could do anything professionally what would it be?
Sleeping! No no just kidding (I am really tired right now). Dream of dream jobs would be owning my own fashion magazine or online magazine (taking this blog to new heights and actually getting paid for it?).

2. What draws you to this?
The creativity draws me to it. Also the fact of owning something and being your own boss. I think I would make for a good leader and I'm a creative least I think so.

3. When did you first start dreaming about this ideal?
I always wanted to be some kind of writer especially for music. This all started when I was in High School and started going to concerts with my best friend. We would at least go to one concert a week. Just the thought of going to different shows each night, photographing it and writing about it was intriguing to me (it's basically what I was doing when I had my own personal online journal on LiveJournal). As I got older concerts became less frequent and now when I go I feel like an old hag (yes at the age of 24 I feel like an old hag at shows). Fashion always interested me, especially the photography and the styling. I always wanted to do something the music and fashion business. I played around with a lot of different ideas in my head with music careers but never really followed through with any of them....The whole I WANT TO MAKE THIS BLOG A FULL TIME JOB really hit me in February when I was running around fashion week. Even just starting as a fashion writer for a magazine or online publication would be my next step.

4. What's holding you back from going all in?
The idea of quitting my full time job for self employment scares me. I have rent and bills to pay and I live from paycheck to paycheck as is. So I guess those first few months (or YEARS!) of self employment and not making enough money to survive on scares me the the most from really going all in.

5. Sometimes the first step is the hardest... what's one step you can take now on the way to realizing your dream?
I think freelance writing and being a contributor writer has definitely helped with taking the right steps in the right direction. The more I can show and the more I can put on my resume that I worth something the better off I'll be. I also think keep going on with this blog (no matter how down in the dumps I might get about it) will also help me make the connections I need.

What are your goals? 

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  1. If you are looking for more writing opportunities I highly recommend trying Craigslist (it's hit or miss but there is some great stuff there) also Ed2010 and various niche groups on LinkedIn. I've gotten at least one significant writing gig from each of those sources. - Katy

  2. I want to write for your magazine! hehe That would be so awesome or you could write a book like most bloggers seem to be doing :)

  3. oh, sleeping! i dream of taking a few months off and sleeping, sewing, reading.
    paycheck to paycheck does sound scary for NYC, but also - you are in the best city possible for the opportunities you want, right?

  4. And just remember, 24 feels old to you now but take it from a 43 yr old, it only keeps getting better. I haven't felt old in years. Probably 20! Keep going for it, this is the time to do it!
    :) f
    The House in the Clouds


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