August 18, 2011

Crown of Braids Tutorial

All over The Beauty Department's website there has been nothing but beautiful braids everywhere. This makes me long for my long hair...O how I wish to do a proper waterfall braid or a fish tail braid. But having medium length hair prevents me from doing so. Then I saw this tutorial on Refinery29: 3 Braided Hairstyles That You Can Actually Do! The second tutorial called Delicate Crown Braids stood out the most to me since it seemed more feasible to do with medium length hair if you tweaked it a bit.

Refinery29's Crown of Braids:


What I Used:
- Bobby Pins
- Little black rubber bands
- Arrojo Gel

Step 1. Take a small section of your hair behind your right ear and braid it (it's the same step as step one on Refinery29 except I started on my right side). Then take a black little rubber band and tie up your ends.

Step 2. Repeat Step 1 on your left side.

Step 3. You don't need to use gel but if you have hair smoothing cream or spray (if you use the spray, spray some into your palms and rub together), which ever you prefer or have will do, smooth out your braids. You want to flatten all those little hairs that might be sticken up. Especially if you have layered hair like I do.

Step 4. Instead of making more braids and wrapping them around your head (being that our hair isn't long enough) take the braid on your right side and fold it over to the left side. Take your bobby pins and pin it down. Now take you left braid and bring it around to the right side and secure it with a bobby pin. It really make sure both side stay put and the folds are flat bobby pin the folds of the braids with the ends of the braid.

Step 5. Cover up the bobby pins as much as you could...and VIOLA your own little verison of the Crown of Braids.

If I had more time in the mornings or if I got my butt up a little earlier I would have maybe waved out my hair with my 1 inch barrel curling iron. Maybe during the weekends I'll try that out....

What do you think of this verison of the Crown of Braids? Are you willing to try out?

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