August 1, 2011

Inspirational Monday: Jeffrey Campbell Cut Out Boots

Rumi of Fashiontoast rocking her Balenciaga cut out boots

I've always had a unhealthy obsession over these Balenciaga cut out boots, but being that this shoe was way into $1,000 price and I'm not a millionaire nor do I have connections like that yet I was forced to just drool over them and dream about owning them. WELL Thank you Jeffrey Campbell for releaseing the Roscoe shoe, that is only $254.95 on Solestruck (they are already sold out in black!). I nearly died this weekend when I saw them. I some how need to get my hand on a pair of these shoes! Anyway JC also has two other cut out boots that are pretty drool worthy too. May the drooling commence:

JC Cut Out Boots

Jeffrey campbell, $216
Jeffrey Campbell platform high heels, $89
Jeffrey Campbell platform shoes, $255
Jeffrey Campbell platform shoes, $255

PS. If you are looking for a cheaper alternative then the JC's I came across Urban Outfitters Denna & Ozzy's Threaded Mary Jane's. They aren't as beautiful as JC's or Balenciaga...but they would do for $49. What do you guys think?

 Urban Outfitter's Deena and Ozzy $49

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  1. Jeffery Campbell shoes are always amazing! Im still waiting to come up with the money to buy some lita's! I love them platform high heels though!

  2. Jeffrey Campbell just has the most unique yet affordable shoes. I love it!

  3. While searching for Jeffrey Campbell boots, make sure you buy it from a dealer who is well known since there can be fakes in the market. You can always fall into traps where the shoes are sold at great prices so be careful not to buy something that is too cheap to be true. You can get a better price by searching for them on sites that are known to sell genuine ones.


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